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  1. If that's the case then why do so many members here mount tweets in the pillars or sails and midbass in the door? Or are you just bein smart? I can't tell.
  2. Ditch the 4x6 speakers in the dash and put the tweets there. That's what I did. They sound good and easier a than hacking up the doors
  3. Can I get my name changed to ManBearPig Just trying to get my account names to match Thanks in advance
  4. Subscribed to this thread somehow and now I get an email every time someone posts
  5. My box is built for a zv4 with the mega roll v1 surround. If I reconed with the spl surround could I drop it in the same box?
  6. Didn't read the whole thread. Get the fi team 12 when it comes out
  7. I'm pretty sure the scv line protects at 15.5v Someone please correct me if I'm wrong
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