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  1. Dang. But at least you got a plan moving forward. Good luck homie and look forward to seeing the new build. Can’t wait for summer. Sick of winter already
  2. I know right? Have they abandoned the season already? Give up one of the most productive players we have for nothing? They probably wouldn’t have signed him for next year, but damn got nothing for him.
  3. Oh heck yeah I'll put the dd1 to use. Got to swap sub amp and build new enclosure first. More power and bigger box. Sorry to thread jack and get off topic.
  4. Yep, I'm not on the level you're at with my system. Just a basic daily that hauls my work stuff. But it keeps me happy. I was just out for a short cruise on Woodward this evening. Rolled thru from Ferndale up to Birmingham and back.
  5. That's a nice clean install. I grew up in Ferndale. Good to see local builds on here.
  6. Can' I just adjust the size of the panel to allow for the port opening instead of covering and then removing material?
  7. I feel you on getting the sound forward. Got an old school myself and it just sounds like it' in a tin can. Gotta deaden and do some upgrades. Rattles like crazy! Look forward to your build! Great car! What motor?
  8. So I'm understanding correctly, 3" port width, 35.5" port length. So I could in theory, measure in 1.5 and draw a line following the bends 35.5" keeping the 1.5" middle mark, and that would give me the layout for the port? Ive built plenty of sealed enclosures. Just never done a ported and don't want to mess it up. And sub and the port on the same side? Ideally that would work best to protect the sub from my tools in the van.
  9. Quick question, on the calculation for the port, the length of port, I just make sure the lineal length is the length it shows?
  10. I completely forgot to grab it. I just have them rip it into manageable size pieces. I have all the equipment to do the smaller pieces at home. Just about every tool I'd need. Except a router table. I'l get back there and grab what I need.
  11. Sweet. Going to go by lowes and pick up some mdf. Try to get working this weekend on it
  12. Cool. Thanks for all your help. I'l download the program today, and yeah I'll never use peel and seal. I have heard too many bad things about it stinking and falling off and such. It' in my list to deaden the trunk area, but it' rarely driven so not on my list of priorities. Thanks again for your help. I'l let you know how things go. Meanwhile I'll keep watching your build log
  13. I measured where the box will go, 15 is a little taller then I'd like. My magliner cart will rest on the top of the box. With the sub on the side I'd like to stay around 12-12.5 high. Can go up to 20 width and length can be up to 40-45ish. That would still leave me the room for my tool boxes and bucket and protect the sub from damage. I appreciate you helping me. I don' have a program to plug in the numbers. I have the tools and talent to build it right. Got more tools then I know what to do with. So if you fire me in the right direction. That would be epic of you to do. Then you could give me some advice on my summer car that need a lot of help. Mainly in the amp and speakers and the sub rattling the bees us out of the car
  14. And yeah. The port area is tiny on the prefab. I plan on 3/4 mdf for the new enclosure.
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