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  1. yeah vibrflex isnt butyl like most dampeners, its an asphalt base more strictly meant for reinforcement so as not to flex as much. ive heated it with a torch and also on the black hood of my car in texas heat. either way you need to get it HOT or itll break and chip once its applied. get the metal your working with warmed up to, you dont want it cold or it wont stick as well. you can definitely put it in the oven on low heat for a while until it warms up, then get ready for a serious arm work out because you need to put serious pressure on it to get it right.
  2. quick, plain, and simple... youll be perfectly fine, just make sure your gains are set properly and youll be fine, big 3 is a plus for sure. ive ran well over 1k on stock electrical and my 4runner came with a 65amp alt. i had to watch the voltage once i really started pushing it, 3.5k with 2 banks of caps, but with around 1k peak you have nothing to worry about
  3. also the roll off with a 6th order is less so naturally it can play a wider range of notes than a traditional ported, but honestly they are extremely hard to design, and have little to no room for error without drastic effects, so unless you are really comfortable with your calculations and build, then i would start with a regular ported enclosure.
  4. thats exactly correct, but how awesome would it be to have something that is ported at say... 26, and kills it down low, but also it ported at like 40 and has a crazy choke out factor, all the sudden you can demo and compete, or play songs with a huge bandwidth and have it sound great the whole time.
  5. bandwidth or spl, plain and simple. you can design it to have two peaks, and therefor a much larger bandwidth of playable notes, or you can tune it purely for spl and have a one note wonder
  6. i would absolutely do a 6th, the team series like ported enclosures. ive done a 6th wall with 2 team 18s and it was sooooo windy and loud. heres the thread i had on it a while back, i used photofuckit back then so the pics are no good but theres low power vids on the first page, and full powerish on the 5th page
  7. thats a sore dick deal.... you cant beat it!!!!!!
  8. i watch every video this mofo makes, top notch stiff, so in depth and dude is a genius but dumbs it down for everyone,
  9. so much yes, keep up the amazing work. this is gonna be disgusting on full power
  10. welding wire, dont buy knuconcepts OFC, youre paying for the name, welding wire is virtually the same thing, at a reasonable price, they use standard AWG though so you need to order 2/0 or even 3/0 to get what youre used to seeing as car audio 1/0
  11. just broke 277k on my 01 4runner, runs like the day she was brand new, love me some toyota. 84 k5 blazer has 36k on the odometer but had a 350 swap and is on 37s so so who knows really haha
  12. unless theyre all going to different breakers you can only pull so much power from one outlet, youll just be bogging down each one by having them pull from the same source. so no, after maybe 2, it wouldnt work
  13. so your saying a six inch port is all i need to play as low as i want. it doenst matter that the reason they play that low is because....wait for it....theyre tuned that low. whether they have too much port velocity or not of course they get loudest that low, its where their tuned. i have 2 12s with 2 6in aero ports... wait for it.... its loud as fuck where its tuned. never would have thought, but i also have a box with a smaller slot port tuned at 25 and guess what..... its loud as fuck around 25hz, but that doesnt mean its efficient or bad ass, its just playing where its tuned. and could... and would be much louder with a properly built port
  14. agreed with averyone, that sundown amp will take .5 ohm nominal all day and love it. just make sure your gain and everything is set correctly. clipping is your systems worst enemy when wired down. power draw goes through the roof and power doesnt.
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