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  1. Cheap refurbished sundown amps here for black friday, makes them almost 50% off http://www.db-r.com/sell/store3/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_45
  2. Nice I knew this would be an easy one to answer if I just ask. Okay cool I've heard of the Torres calculator I've just never used it.
  3. Hello there, I was hoping I could find a straight answer on my own about this one but I've been searching around the internet for hours. Hopefully it's an easy one for someone to answer here. I'm designing a box for someone's truck, he has two 8" DD508 woofers and I was planning to use flared aero ports for them. I was wondering if two 4" flared ports would work for this. WinISD says the port velocity would be about 32/ms. Is this too high? I can't fit a 6" port unfortunately or I'd just go with the safe route. Also I was thinking how handy it would be to have a box tuning calculator that took the NET volume and showed me the port length that I need to tune it down to a certain frequency that I give. Then tells what the actual box volume would be after this port is put into it. Can just tell it the maximum volume that I have to work with. Anyway what would you guys recommend I do for this, just keep trying new lengths and changing the volume after port displacement until the numbers work out? Trying to fit this box under his bench seats in a truck. Surprisingly I have enough volume to work with under there keeping within 1-1.25 cuft per woofer but the low profile wedge shaped box is preventing me from using 6" ports unless I maybe forget about keeping it symmetrical. The box I'm replacing, that he's unhappy with, he paid some guy to make. The guy has the two 10" woofers facing flat onto the ground of his truck. No wonder he's unhappy with the sound.
  4. Yes, agreed. You can probably do it without all that knowledge too if you tried. When I said complex I meant something not easily built with wood, even most of those research papers are designable with wood. But think of an enclosure too small to build easily with wood, has egg carton lumps designed into the compression chamber behind the driver to rid of resonances, and a long snake like port twisted around for the rest. Again, still can be done with the layering technique in previous video though. Also we're capable of printing with wood. The airwolf I have access to has the same heated bed and bath, that might be all household printers. My original idea was to print bookshelf sized full range horn speakers. After much thought I'm scrapping the idea, stick to wood.
  5. Right so you'd have to print walls and glue them together. Even if you had an unlimited size printer I'd still suggest building out of wood. Printers are already perfect size to print things that might actually be worth printing because they're hard to make with wood like aeroports. Or find a tiny speaker that's optimized for ported enclosures although I don't think that's a thing. Can print a micro sized ported box.
  6. Another exotic way to make large enclosures with complex smooth curvy ports is to layer. Can probably even make wooden flare ports in this manner. Again 3D printer seems not to be the best route to take.
  7. After thinking about it, it's probably better to keep the printing down to making custom mounting adapters, tweeter housing, and designing your own flared ports otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense unless the design is very complex. Most people build reflex designs which are so simple you'd just be printing flat walls so I think we should just build out of wood and print ports and such. If you do print an enclosure it's best to make the design complicated, which was my original plan for it anyway. Maybe stay away from slot port designs because the only reason we really use those is because of the flat wood panels we use to build them. That might end up with an artsy fartsy looking enclosure. It's important to print as thick as possible and don't bother with the material saving walls. My friend printed a shot glass one time, and the liquid leaked right through it. We can't have that with air and thicker walls can be skinnier with the same support and amount of material.
  8. About everyone saying x-8, I was new I just took advice that I shouldnt have. X-8 was bit more expensive so I was trying to go cheaper. Even the guy at woofersetc recommended the 1kw amp to my sa-8, maybe that's something I need to be telling sundown. I just went with what he said, love the amp though still use it.
  9. If you're gonna go with an octoport you might as well just get an aeroport
  10. The thought of stuffing a horn came to mind Buddy of mine has one of these. Yeah Bose discovered (aquired) t-lines and now they're going with it. I'm not a fan of stuffing either and it's been a big reason why I haven't tried a T-line yet, everyone recommends stuffing to take out the resonances.
  11. The thought of stuffing a horn came to mind
  12. I know all this, I'm making an observation that adding a port to the horn might lift some of the lower frequencies and filter out the useless highs (useless because the response graph is all over the place) OR could this be a fix for drivers that have too much motorforce and smooth out the response a bit? I can't find any response tests or data on these kind of horns. In case one I'm thinking tuning high (small port) might do this if it acts in any way like a bandpass might, and in case two maybe a long low tuned port may or may not help a peeky woofer.
  13. Yes this was just the first and few picture I can find of it, It's a bad design actually the website it's from people are saying his horn needs to be at least 7ft to hit 40hz. Says it's too much like a Cerwin Vega ha.
  14. Yes definitely is. Would that help in the way that I mentioned?
  15. Like more loaded though, the horn would handle under the tuning frequency of the ported side when it's unloading is my guess.
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