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  1. This forum is probably sundown biased, and I kinda am too, but for the price of these two which one should I go for if I plan to run sa-6.5 v.1 components https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013F34IU6/ref=s9_dcacsd_bhz_bw_c_x_3_w http://www.db-r.com/sell/store3/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=153 The sundown is actually cheaper but the zapco offers a little more power. Are zapco amps still clean or did they sell out?
  2. For the sa-6.5 v.1 this amp should be enough, version two can handle more power but isn't required. Yes it looks like two Y split RCA cables should work to input to both front and rear channels. Pick up a cheap refirbished one here for black friday http://www.db-r.com/sell/store3/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=153
  3. About everyone saying x-8, I was new I just took advice that I shouldnt have. X-8 was bit more expensive so I was trying to go cheaper. Even the guy at woofersetc recommended the 1kw amp to my sa-8, maybe that's something I need to be telling sundown. I just went with what he said, love the amp though still use it.
  4. If you're gonna go with an octoport you might as well just get an aeroport
  5. If you're only changing a box maybe you won't need a battery? Unless your adding a larger amp. Anyway to answer your question, if you're replacing your stock car battery you should go with a D or S series. If you're adding an extra battery on top of what your car comes with and putting it next to your amp or something, go with an XS battery. I wanted to go with an XS battery but I drive a ford Fiesta and there just isnt any room for anything extra. So today I bought a D4700 from XS to change out my stock battery to fix my lights dimming and other electrical stress. This is very important, I've neglected this part thinking everything will be cool until I get around to a new battery but let's go over the problems I've had in my car in the last two years. I've burnt out two amps, burnt out my cooling fan on my radiator (fan motor melted), burnt out a battery that was bought two years before, and my Transmission Control Module suffers from communication issues to the computers. Now driving a Ford most of these can be pointing the finger at them which I was able to cover most of them on the warranty as well as my amps on their warranty, but looking back now I'm starting to think it was just me stressing the electrical. Today my gf's car battery died as we knew it would and so this gives me an excuse to buy an XS battery and give her mine fixing a bunch of problems in one purchase. Also go to the XS power website to use their car calculator to figure out which batteries will fit in your stock battery spot.
  6. Hello there, sorry to resurrect an old thread but just stumbled on this one and this guy was having the same issues I was and I went down the same road. Thought I'd share my experience, I've put it in this thread here http://www.fiestafaction.com/forums/threads/42371-Building-a-Fiesta-Sized-Subwoofer-Box I also have a hatch, started with sa-8 v.2. I was new to all of this and took advice from everyone who said to put 1kw of power to this 500rms sub, no one said anything about bringing the enclosure down to .5 to keep it safe until I blew up my coil 6 months later and talked to the guys at sundown. Yes they recommended .5 tuned to 34hz if going 1k watts which I also build and posted in that forum. I gotta say though after listening to the sub at double power on a larger box, the new box was disappointing. Also I found out that I did need all that room that the little box was taking anyway so I ended up rebooting my ideas into a sealed design in the floor of my hatch with the SD3-10's. Here's some quick pictures if you don't feel like going to the above thread although there is a ton more in the build log including sketchup designs and some spl tests: This second picture is the .5 box My current setup
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