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  1. ( I just found a company this morning that has them priced way cheaper than expected) Care to share the company ??
  2. Is the SMD VU Din still going to be still made ? Been out of stock for awhile, would like to have one. Any eta ?? Thanks.
  3. Not to thread jack, But gonna install 2 RF PP4-T tweeters. Rockford states a 4.5 khz @ 6db/octave is built into the tweeter. So on my amp, set it to full or ?? Don't want to mess them up right out of the gate.
  4. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/204078-smd-damore-engineering-coaxial-single-ended-rcas-like-new/ Great guy to deal with, Even threw in a fuse holder for free ! Thanks for the super fast shipping A++++++
  5. Nice Nitrous kit. Do these come with the nylon nuts, That secures the top piece. I know the first run had the metal nuts.
  6. A+++++++ Product as stated, Shipped fast, No problems. Highly recommend.
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