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  1. ( I just found a company this morning that has them priced way cheaper than expected) Care to share the company ??
  2. Yeah, I might have to take a chance on that one. Hate to blow $85 on a broken one. Thanks for looking.
  3. Looking for a working zapco psi-hpsl (power supply)
  4. Following... I've got an 06 as well and have been thinking about something like this.
  5. http://www.directeddealers.com/manuals/og/orion/Orion_250HCCA_Installation_Manual(G2.2).PDF
  6. So, My manual states my amp (B2 Quattro) is a class H design. Where does it fall between a/b-D ?
  7. Something like this as a alternative to the main brands or am I way off ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultramax-12V-100AH-LiFePO4-LITHIUM-BATTERY-Car-Audio-System-CCTV-Back-Up-/131356130515
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