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  1. Ive been looking a couple of the Burris sights and was looking for some feedback on them. The two im going between are the AR-332 and the AR-536. Any thoughts on these two sights anyone?
  2. Bought my first AR-15 a few weeks ago. For the longest time I have been going back and forth between getting an AR-15 and a Springfield 1911 MC Operator. I ended up deciding on the AR and here she is. It's a DiamondBack AR .556 and came with a flat top rail. I have added a forward grip, the red dot, switched out the grip and trigger guard to Magpul grip and guard. The next things I want to do is switch out the stock to something a bit more comfy and sturdy, add a sling, and maybe down the road switch out the barrel to a 26" barrel.
  3. I have a sinking feeling the Saturn is about to bite the dust

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OrionStang


      I think they actually might. I've seen some pretty ragged Saturns still on the road

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      They rival the crown vic for how ran down they can be and still run.

    4. BigManAC


      Well that's very good news then guys. As long as I make it to 350k I'll be happy

  4. Dang that is one slick ride Steve, congrats on the patent! Looking forward to all the sick little mods you do to the Escalade.
  5. The time has finally come. I am in the process of selling my sub and amp. Hopefully in the future I will have time to do another big build but for now it will just be small stuff.

  6. I havent driven my car or listened to my system for over a month now. I am going through withdraws now. Im so glad ill be driving her back home this weekend.

    1. hoit


      I've been in rebuild/upgrade mode since December...still no tunes...killing me UNsoftly! I feel your pain brother!

  7. Has anyone on here seen anything on the new N4 subs that Fi are tinkering with?

    1. audiolamb6


      hell yeah kyle posted it one the randon thread the other day

    2. _paralyzed_


      I saw the sexiest sub motor ever.

  8. Man Ive missed a lot since I have been gone.

    1. _paralyzed_


      And we've missed you a lot.

  9. ohh shir he did it. while we are talking about bananas, may i point your attention to the paddle in the room....
  10. Saw him outside of an ice cream place yesterday. What I want to know are where are the rest of the squad???
  11. My car slowly falling apart. Went to pick my cousin up from the beach bars and when I got home I noticed my back passenger window wouldn't roll back up. My front driver window was doing it a week ago but isn't anymore. I managed to get the window back up but now I need to see what the problem is. Good thing I have about a month off from school to get all of this worked out. oh and finals week of course. A kid in my macro class, who I have only seen in maybe 3 sessions, asked my what will be on the final. WTF
  12. Anybody on here have a Xbox One and play Destiny?

  13. Thinking about redoing my door pods into panels.... wont be till spring though. Door panels mark IV

    1. SMZ2


      Shoot I'm thinking about redoing my doors too man.

    2. BigManAC


      Ive decided to wrap them this time. I need to get them perfect this time. Are you adding anything to them?

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