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  1. Heres a new video. This build just got ripped out for upgrades. Upgrading to ZV5s and 2 scv 7500s on limitless lithium 100ah.
  2. Here's one last one. Its a little longer and at the end it shows the metal building next to me flexing like a tin can lol.
  3. Few very short youtube videos people have sent me. XXXL Shirt Trick Double Hair Trick 25 HZ hair trick
  4. Got a few pics taken of the 6ks installed. I did a [email protected] and a [email protected] with a 25hz port. I'm wired to .5 nominal and rising to .8 reactive. Clamped 11800 watts on a AMM1.
  5. Well i was able to do some diagnosing on the knock. It's a collapsed lifter. So the 383 is off for now and just a top end build. Bottom end looks great for 260k miles.. I believe I can get another 100k out of it. Just throwing some redone vortec heads, lifters, and push rods and see how far she goes! Kinda sad I'm not going to get to do another 383 build although. The one in my z28 was just soo much fun.
  6. The subs are X18 V.2 with Sundown ZV5 Frames and NightShade V.3 flat coils.
  7. Heres a few more. Still missing two scv 4000s. I did a 155.5 @ 26hz on music sealed on the dash the little I got to mess with it.. Not designed for SPL at all just windy lows. It just happened to have a great spl score so far. I'm excited to see what it will do on the full 16k on a .25 burp. Its not even tuned yet and I haven't burped one sine wave yet.. Hoping for 157 or so on a burp. I took it to a show the day after the build was done and threw a rod >.> So dealing with an engine rebuild now. 383 baby!
  8. So my winter build is going on. 4 X18s (ZV5 frame NS v.3 coils) and 4 scv 4000s. Running on 3 Ohio generator 300a alts and 8 yellow top optimas. Sealed B pillar wall 26 HZ tune. ​ More to come. The subs will be here in a few days.. I have 2 SCV4000s to use while breaking in and when the other 2 scv 4000s come in the real 160db fun begins!
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