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  1. still trying to find this tools map you speak of. Can you point me in that direction. thanks
  2. BlackKong

  3. Oh mine isn't for sale but I would have helped you build one just like it since I have the blue prints and it was for the x15s so its perfect for your suv. but mine is birch which is a bit more than MDF but its a lot lighter! birch is like $50 a sheet and this 8.5 cubes takes 3 sheets with no mess ups. plus screws, glue, caulk, carpet and terminal posts. I do have a table saw and router and everything else and I did build this one myself.
  4. Duck my man.. You seem knowledgeable have you seen my replies yet? 😁
  5. The filters on the deck don't go below 50hz and the box is tuned to 32hz. It's a pioneer 5100nex touch screen. I usually play it low unless I'm in traffic and want to rattle windows and then I turn up the decaf music.. lol Maybe I'm expecting too much I was just in my driveway and it does flex the hell out of the roof and some on the doors now. l really need to find a good way to quiet the damn barn doors down they rattle so much =/
  6. im in tampa florida well riverview actually. how far are you?
  7. if you don't have a box I had this one designed and its pretty beefy and tuned at 32hz I went with the x-15s. fills up quite a bit of my escalade.
  8. gain is at about 8 so a little over half way up. i will turn the bass boost down when I leave work and see what happens. Oh and the subs arent really broken in yet either.
  9. gain is around 8v, sub sonic is a little above 10, boost is half way up, lpf is about 50? phase is 0. the LPF is turned off on my deck and the EQ is set to flat. btw im running 2 x15 sundowns in a custom box tuned to 32hz.
  10. I have def heard this amp is a beast I'm just hoping that DB-R.com doesn't repair them with crappy parts that make them drop in performance. I am going to clamp and volt meter it later to see if i can get some kind of readings on wattage output since I don't have access to a dyno.
  11. I'll have to look in a bit. I had a stereo shop set it all for me but he did it by ear. So hopefully he isnt half deaf and caused him to set stuff wrong
  12. figured so but wasn't sure if it would be less resistance wiring it outside maybe inside creates more and that could cause problems? I have a feeling its because my volts drop to 12.5-13.5 when this amp says it needs 14.4 to put out 3k?
  13. the amp does see 1ohm coming from the subs which are wired inside the box with only 1 pair coming out.
  14. So IO ordered a SVC-3000D to replace my hifonics 3216 and I have to say im not impressed yet. Maybe im doing something wrong? I had it tuned at a shop sine they only charge $10 and I dont have the time to look over numbers and such to do it all. I have the subs wired 1oh inside the box. Should i just wire them separate to the amp since it is made for that or should I keep it wired 1ohm inside the box with only 1pair coming out of the box to the amp? also does it matter which + or - I hooked to on the amp I see that the instructions have them circled which I assume means it doesn't matter. I am dropping below 14v usually around 12.5 or 13.5 and this amp says it puts out the 3k at 14.4? I am in the process of getting an XS battery to put close to the amp since both of my current batteries are under the hood and that's a long run in my Escalade. Do you think this will help with the XS right next to the amp with short runs from that battery? Oh and the amp has went into protect mode a few times with minimal clipping happening. I got this amp from DB-R.com and I'm thinking about finding someone to Dyno it just to make sure thats how not impressed i am with it. My hifonics def made it hit harder maybe not as clean but def harder. the instructions below only show there is 1 sub connected. so not sure if i should just wire them apart and let the amp do the 1ohm or keep it 1ohm inside the box?