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  1. Name: Larry Products interested in: Level 6 18" D2 Shipping Zipcode? 19131 How you heard about this sale? SMD Is this a Christmas gifr? Yes
  2. Nice vids! is that with the DC 12K ? if so that thing got them 18's doing work. The bass sounds like its hittn hard. Good job.
  3. I've only read good things about the new OA line up. I would suggest you call them and talk to them about what you want/expect out of their woofers. That way you get a real feel for the company and customer serv. Good luck.
  4. Nice job that thing looks violent. All these Sundown subs getting nothing but mad love makes it so hard to choose which one to get. lol
  5. That box is beautiful built to perfection.. Awesome job on the score.
  6. not bad for $138 subwoofer. What will be the price range of the OA-3?
  7. Nice. You guys build some nice enclosures. What does the OA-3 put out?
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