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  1. Thanks. Whenever a build a new one I will do a closed loop for the CPU only
  2. Thats a super nice setup! PC i made several years back. Its really outdated no
  3. There are tons of tutorials online and super easy. You can also just buy an LC-1 and take it apart
  4. Forgot to add. Purchased the New Sundown SA-65CS v.3. The Midbass is very strong on this set and tweeter gets loud. Running them Active Made a quick pod for the tweeters for now. Going to redue my door panels when it gets warm
  5. Yes i did get it installed and went to a show. Had a couple warm days. Still need to level the amp rack out some. Almost at the 150 mark from the trunk. This is a big ass car and im like 8ft from the meter and it was my first run with these subs. They only have bout 4-5 hours on them. The 1st Place on this is running 2 15's
  6. MDF, Birch 3/4". You can use 3/4" Plywood if its a good Grade, but MDF will be your best bet since its your first build. TiteBond Wood Glue is very good. Caraudiofabrication on YT has Several Box building tutorials.
  7. This with a HO Alt, Big 3. Could Go LTO or Supercapacitors to save on weight and size
  8. Box has been finished. Hopefully get it back in the car tomorrow. Need to remake my Amp Rack/ Battery Rack and find a place for my Super Cap Bank. The New Sundown SA-65CS v.3's will be here today, so i need to get them installed.
  9. For tools. Skill Saw or Table Saw, Jig Saw, Router (this is the most handy tool you can have), Drill, Counter sink bit, Drill Bits, Clamps, Wood Glue, Speed Square or T Square,
  10. Nice job for your first build. You going to carpet it
  11. I just made one for my U's. 4ft3 net @32hz. 65in2 Port. not sure of the size box you can fit
  12. Yea SA for sure. I just purchased 2x U-12's. They need more than 1500 watts each
  13. You will have to take a tape measure. Between the wheel wells, front to back and height.
  14. My car is a daily driver, but i also compete. Im about to build my box for my 2x U-12's tomorrow. If you face the subs forward you need to seal the trunk off completely. Whats your dimensions of your trunk. Here is a box im about to build
  15. Hopefully now i can get 150 db out of the trunk Received my Sundown U-12's today. Been designing an enclosure for them. I can't wait to get it built
  16. I would run the Sundown on the taramps. That sub needs a lot more than 1500 watts.
  17. I havent clamped it, but I would guess between 2.5k-3k. The thermal limit on the SA I believe is 1.5k. I will clamp it at the next show and report back
  18. Put up my highest numbers yet. I think i could hit 148.5 on a burp. 2x SA-12's on TS 3.5k. Brand X 270amp alt, 2 AGM's, 4 Banks of XS Power Super Caps This was a 30 second music run - Meter in the kick and driver window down. 40hz
  19. i have 2 different types of 2/0 welding wire and they both fit 1/0 terminals. I use 2/0 Orange flexwhip and 2/0 Royal wire.
  20. Thank you. Still a work in progress, but its getting cold here and pitch dark at 6pm when i get off work.
  21. Little update on the build. Fixed the the XS power cap bank, so its safe. Next warm day need to pull everything and do wire management. New Brand X alternator 270a, idles at 200a @ 14.8v (PCM Bypass). Next purchase will be 2 Sundown X-12's or to U-series
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