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  1. Thank you very much. My first build so I'm learning on the way. Just re-bussed my caps last night
  2. I have switched to custom RCA bassknob also. Never use the one that comes with the amps anymore
  3. Took apart the bank and balanced all the cells. Good thing I did. This should do me well this season
  4. I'm honestly not sure. I was using 47hz but next show I'm going to run a sweep
  5. I only did one class Trunk Eliminator 0-24. 145.1 in the kick. Which is lower than my last show, but the heat in SC Sunday killed me. Going to be buying a Brand X alternator in the next 2 weeks. Edit. That's on a 30 second music run
  6. Its been a while since i updated this build log. The build has come a long way. Always upgrading now lol. I have added a Twisted Sounds 3.5k @.5 ohm, 4 Banks of XS Power Super Caps. I won NSPL World Finals in my Class - Trunk Eliminator 0-24 which is awesome because it was only my 4th show. Only had a couple people that helped @shredder2 and a good old DMM. I will post a picture of the banks soon
  7. I have to drive 20 min to lowes. A local hardware store says they Carry Birch Plywood B2 grade. Will this work?
  8. should be about 2.41ft3 @ 34hz without sub displacement
  9. what sub are you using and what do you listen to
  10. Finished. Think i need the window bracing in the center with these subs and power. i plan on getting more power soon
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