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  1. I have been helped by @shredder2 Thank you
  2. Well guess it's called an L port. I just checked the calculator and removed the displacement of .24 and the net volume went up .24, so it does calculate. I was just able to use this instead of getting on the PC. I will use Torres for final.Its says 1.75 ft^3 per sub, so 3.5. Do you think I should go a little bigger. Was wanting to 45 the corners but I have no idea how to calculate. here is what I'm shooting for ( this is not my design or deminsons). I'm I heading in the right direction with the speaker box calculator or is it totally wrong?
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and recently ordered 2 LCS as I'm just getting back into car audio after 10 years. I'm wanting to build a box for them. I mostly listen to hip-hop. I'm putting them in a crown vic. I have been reading for days and using the Torres box design and port calculator. I could show you but I'm sure it would be bad lol. My trunk size is 36" wide, 22" wide and 18" tall. The manufacturer recommends 1.75 cube for each sub and has a displacement of .12. they recommend 32hz. Subs are rated 300w RMS - will likley run 800w amp. I think what's really getting me is the port. I'm wanting a center port (T) box. I could show you what I came up with or if someone could help me design one. Thank you Here is what I came up with http://imgur.com/gallery/QwyadNC
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