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  1. should be about 2.41ft3 @ 34hz without sub displacement
  2. what sub are you using and what do you listen to
  3. Finished. Think i need the window bracing in the center with these subs and power. i plan on getting more power soon
  4. Do you think it will be a good upgrade from this box (my current box which was built for 2 LCS 12's).
  5. I'm going to be building a new box and modifying my old box with a aero port to see which one is best. I have 2 SA-12s dvc2 wired to 1ohm each. Running 2 SQ S1-1250's. My current box lacks port area. Can you look over this box for me. It's my first design. I most listen to hip hop and just started competing in NSPL. Box size 38x21x16 Port 4.5" x 14.5 at 32" long my calculations should be about 34hz Thanks
  6. Im getting a room the day before, so maybe i can find someone with a meter
  7. I will be competing for the first time on the 17th. I know DB Drag will be there, 3x IASCA, 3x Meca, 3x ISPLL and i think NSPL. I don't have a meter and live in a small town, so im going in kind of blind. I was told that being my first time NSPL would be the best. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on which class would be best for a newcomer. I had cut some of my rear deck out around the 6x8 speaker holes and factory sub location, so i was told i will have to compete in the No wall Modified. My setup is as follows - 2x SA-12's DVC2 @ 1ohm, 2x Soundqubed S1-1250 (one amp each speaker). 4 Channel Amp with Morel Maximo 6 Components. 55ah battery in the back. Any tips or recommendations would be amazing. I was wanting to compete using Music (any music recommendations would be awesome also). Thanks
  8. Thats my plan. In the next couple weeks im going to change my front to 35%. The guy told me 60$ to redo the front. Is it hard to see out.
  9. Yea they're super dark. I love it. Wish we could at least go 25% in VA but our laws are stupid.
  10. Put Tesa tape on all the wires. Finished up the back wall. Next is to clean up the wires in the back and carpet the back side of the battery/amp rack. Then techflex all the wires and sleeve the big 3 under the hood.
  11. This will be my first show so I'm excited. been getting my car all finished up. World finals would be awesome to see. What date is that
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