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  1. if i have a skar skv2 - 4500.1 WITH A 450 AMP FUSE RATING and it has two power inputs but im using dual inputs on each power input (2 1/0 to 1/0 reducer) what size fuse do i use on each power wire?
  2. I have a 350 amp apex alternator, a front battery delete with sky-high terminals, and a 40ah lithium battery in the back next to the amp. Im running dual 1/0 for my big 3 and from my battery delete terminals to my lithium battery in the back. My question is what size fuse do I use for my alternator positive to the battery delete terminal? My next question is What size fuse do I use from my battery delete terminal to the 40ah lithium battery in the back? (Keep in mind my big3 which also includes alt positive to battery terminal positive is 2 runs of 1/0. My battery delete terminal to 40ah lithium is also two runs of 1/0, its about 25 feet from battery delete terminal to battery.) Thanks guys! BTW ALL FUSES ARE ANL
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