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  1. No cursing in titles noob! Happy fourth fellas be safe don't drink nd drive
  2. i didnt bump it cuz i didnt know it was old. i bumped it to remind him thanks nooobtastic oops i mean TROLL
  3. soooooo where are these accomplishments? hahahaahaha <3
  4. hahha thanks bro, me too! i cant stop looking at it when im near it also Thanks to Red-Navi for the help yesterday......he stopped by to borrow my recover disc for a mac-mini and ended up staying for a few hours and giving me a hand. He didnt touch the paint, i think he learned his lesson From what he told me there was no lesson learned. But that could just be him talking. But Looks sick the windows and color boy o boy really? seemed like a perfect gentleman yesterday....and he didnt touch the paint i sure hope after we had a nice day yesterday and all he didnt go back and start talkin shit. Lmao Just playin. He didn't say anything . wait a minute........i am a little late but red navi dont talk shit he takes it to dr phill and works it out with emotions...... also steve i need to bring the disc by when i have time and you are around at home or at the shop i dont want to lose it i tend to do that with things
  5. Looks good other then u failing at pposting on the whollygodamnwrongthreadmaaan section
  6. You're one to talk about stupid threads. LMAO Nojokegangsta But I like it all 20-45
  7. read the rules nate........what is steve going to do give him a spanking? in the rules steve said its not his fault if you get scammed ect ect. KASEY WOULD NEVER SCAM ANYONE u got him confused with elvis, im sure he just doesnt have the money cuz he is hitting everybody up trying to sell shit to refund this guy his money. he will get the money back.if kasey doesnt give the guy his money back i will gladly pay this guy outa my pocket then im going to go to kaseys house and take his wheels off until he gives me the 80
  8. get a rental i learned how to drive stick on a subaru sti i learned the first day. and now imlearning how to drive a 13speed truck lol... once u try shifting a 13speed semi then a 5spd car my little sister can learn how lol
  9. read teh rules.. the chat is not a tech support 1 and only rule hes not power hungry hes just trying to " chat about shit that doesnt have shti to do about audio" cuz thats what the rest of the forum is for
  10. Very nice... Soon ppl r gonna leave comments. Why u using particle board. Or why a capacitor. Tell em cuz u can lol.
  11. U can't sell here u do not meet the post requirements.
  12. Not only have I been beatless my truck doesn't even run because of a dead dc power alt lol so b happy
  13. I've been beatless for a while too. But patience is the key my friend, something good will come out of it
  14. It coulda been that one but I'm more then sure the one before that one is the one or the other could be both
  15. NICE 100 DOLlars looks like you saved some money on your car insurance by switching to geico. Rims look good
  16. Fuck bitches get money.............. At least while I'm in my 20s I'm living it up a bitch that thinks she will tie me down and finish my sentsnces for me got me fucked up
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