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  1. i believe u have to have 150 posts to sell. scamming reasons even tho ur buying its still a chance./ but there is a lot of dc running around so chances are you will find one withn 2 hours
  2. its a friends truck from another shop hes moving and needs a place to store it here
  3. you have a better chance of losing the condom off of your dick then they do losing a car off of a trailer
  4. when we go on that road trip. i will hoook u up with any lot lizard you want, your pic like a lexus parkibg lot any model or color
  5. a shot of Patron chased with a 40oz of St. Ides to the head!! Who wants to join me that day? damn 99mil tho just upload a video of something on fire and the tahoe putting out. then name the video smd tahoe fire, it should get that 100,000,000 withn an hour lol
  6. there aint shit in that truck but wire hes too damn lazy
  7. Lol i use up over 6gb of data just online on my phone haha
  8. No pilots lol this shit can't park it's self lol..i have a eaton warning ohshitlookout beeper thing incase i take a nap on the wheel more then 10 seconds
  9. you were doing 75mph when you posted this? tisk tisk. I am currently still doing 75 and posting this lol ^^ LIKE A BOSS ! Did i mention in a semi truck gross weight 79,890 LIKE A DANGEROUS DRIVER
  10. you were doing 75mph when you posted this? tisk tisk. I am currently still doing 75 and posting this lol
  11. How many of u feel like u just jacked a dick off in ur mouth? Lol. .... thank god im doing 75mph or chances are i woulda tried it no homo of course
  12. Don't let the 4door fool you this thing moves when the super charger kicks it becomes a nascar
  13. I was on half oz of crack jk idk i didnt think i was going to put it on youtube
  14. Didn't wanna record any action that'd Steves job i just recorded this to bullshit and test out the 1080p on the bionic
  15. Jjust to click like on this page that's all If u do this i will promise all of u 72 virgins except c-fizzy hes going to b a virgin even after he dies http://www.facebook.com/pages/ADI-STAR-TRANSPORT/113142768758510 See if that link works im on mobile
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