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  1. Wait ppl are haters because you made a "wish list" thread? Lol good one why make 17 threads with out 1. Pictures 2. Any equiptment
  2. thats because when you join a forum u should take a few minutes of your time to read the "WELCOME TO THE BOARD WAVER" so you get the idea of basic rules and shit that goes on, but it happens all the time its also right underneath "new topic" lol http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/1940-fs-section-rulesread-before-posting/
  3. i was just thinking that^ because of how a "BOX" IS u will have a bunch of extra scraps to hit your self over the head with cuz u wont have use for it, so ull need more then 4 thats for sure
  4. lol we coulda chooped it up and made a smaller box out of it and stuffed it in ur hatch haha. but time to start somethign new, and where my truck is going now i wont be needing this box lol
  5. 4 18s box it is built for a chevy/gmc/yukon/tahoe/ but obviously fits navigator and expedition. will fit many other suvs. as far as dimensions i have no idea and dont want to go measure. but like i said it fits in those vehicles. no some info it is 28hz white laminate(looks great) it is strong and very well built it is also lightweight, i am able to load and unload it my self when i have to, which is great for those of you who have 10+ batteries ect. i would like to work something out i dont need it anymore, but as far as price lets say 100 OBO i will not ship it... but here is what i can do i will deliver to. reno all 410 miles of nevada/salt lake city utah/whyoming/denver co/ and most of bay area,(notice) u will have to meet me somewhere reason being i cant fit my semi truck in most neighborhoods nor do i want to get off my route.(but im sure we can work that out).. i have 24 hours to post a picture with name and date, i will do that tomorrow when i get home. also shouldnt be a big deal seeing how shopping isnt involved so scamming is impossible shoot me a text which is the fastest way u will get a reply 916 860 9489
  6. Just testing the waters maybe someone has a link or go to guy that they order OEM parts through/from If so please post or let me know something lol
  7. On top of being hella retarted pointless....u found ur place in the wrong section cool bro
  8. Yeah also FYI u can't sell hundreds of 1 thing with out becoming a vendor...weather ur making money off of it or not
  9. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/127433-ipod-dock-of-the-gods/page__pid__1793335#entry1793335 This one is better
  10. Usually members are getting chewed up right now this is funny as hell maybe cuz it happen to me b4 lol
  11. i never said he would be bringing the tahoe lol where do u expect him to put it his back pocket? lol
  12. This is a work in progress right now if it does happen it'll happen summer time sometime the weather out here is nasty winter time so u guys will know in advance if it goes through
  13. Im in lake point utah right now....but this is my route every week twice lol cali to denver..steve andi talked were going to leave cali few days earlier and stop by shops and meet some people between cali-denver
  14. No it's that time of the season my mom sister and i are sick same sore throat strep throat runny nose cant fall a sleep from coughing fuck i hate it
  15. Well yeah if u seen it then it was somebody else that. Also hasnt read the rules lol. Im not even sure if they put it in the rules to be honest i know i seen a thread about it i think.im just trying to help u out not get a vacation some of these mods get bonners to suspend ppl for a few days for bragging rights...as far as it concerns me if u left ur title up w.e then lol
  16. No cussing in titles i think u want a vecation.?.... and nothing to cry about family first
  17. i guess that bird had bigger ballls then me i would never write on the is-f but the tahoe was to make history so i can brag to my grand children
  18. Ask ur grandma for 125 dollars tell her u need a dd-1 its a tooth issue
  19. It's called a hod light and it went out........put two and two together
  20. I feel the same with mine i lose 3g every now and then for hours and Verizon cant do shit about it i asked them what am i paying for here and she was like ill send a ticket in but it'll take a few weeks and they might return it and say sorry we can't help just do a system restore.....u got me fucked up
  21. At the end of the day they're mods for a reason as far as noobs trolling dumping they get tooken care of withn 10 minutes
  22. Maybe bad RCA'S? Edit: those pictures u showed do nothing to us....if the power ground rem ect wires were the problem ur amp would b a smoke machine
  23. 90 million dollar contract for 3 years sometimes just isn't enough
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