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  1. Are you a fan of HellaFlush?

    N8, ill give it a shot. To me getting that low is only for the looks its almost like a compitition to see who has the biggest balls (whos dumb enough) to drive around that low. But thats for the american kids who do it. And honestly i havent seen but a few here in the states that even look good. Germany (for ex.) has much better roads then we have here its more set up for lower super cars, so being real low isnt a big deal. But the camber is a way to tuck rim and still get that fat ass look to the car. Thats the best i can explain it really. Lol
  2. Are you a fan of HellaFlush?

    This is me all day. My next car will be an A4 but i wont go stupid with camber because i want the car to handle good and grip like crazy
  3. Id say the 12s, but maybe try to angle the baffles a little bit in a v shape to squeeze a little more port?
  4. Christmas all over again!!

    If you ever get pulled over with that "turn that shit down" shirt on, please leve the camera going.
  5. Damn that sucks! It hurts just to look at it. Whos fault?
  6. How to get the most flex?

    I do apoligize. Thought you were meaning flex as in your car flexxin. Your wanting to move more air?
  7. How to get the most flex?

    Why would you EVER WANT flex?
  8. I. Am. On. The. Edge of my seat.... Waiting for more
  9. Wait, so being a soldier gives you superiority over us civilians? That alone is the reason I don't respect cocky soldiers like you. Before you say anything else, I didn't ask you to "serve", sorry bra... You seem to act like your the man when it comes to this knowledge. Your mind set is based off of what some high-up tells you to believe. Flame away I guess, it is America and I do have freedom of speech. God Bless the non-egg-headed military. inb4ifightforyourfreedoms. To strong of an opinion.. Not worth it
  10. This is true. Or some lil 14year old kid from brazil...
  11. Im scared its going to come out yucky then i go to peal it off and paint comes with it
  12. Not tryin to thread jack. But holy shit does it really do that??
  13. There just isnt any reason to have the much motor force for a 12. Not saying it wouldnt be badass tho