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  1. in search for 2 more powerbass xa3000d let me know if you have one to sell. as long as it functional and works im good
  2. its a little to short for my collection,
  3. if you can get a quick measurement of it it would be greatly appreciated
  4. so i already saved up enough for my rebuild so now i am starting to collect some amps. so i started with 1000 for the month of july and i have 700 left to purchase surfboard amps. the only thing that i care about is that the amp is longer than 30in, number of channels and if it works or not doesnt matter. they will be setting on a shelf in my living room. as much as i would enjoy a ab1100.1 it doesnt fall into my budget want to buy amps that i can afford and still being able to buy more. aiming for 3 a month. 1 down 2 to go. let me know what you got. shipping zipcode will be 73507
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