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Found 10 results

  1. Need some experienced help on a box decision. I have a 18 inch sub im building a 6 cuft box with aeroports @ 30-31hz its a trunk build going in a 2004 Honda Accord. I know certain setups sound different in different environments but from some experienced persons in trunk builds what sounds best and is loudest and also kill the lows. 1) Sub and port forward sealed off from the trunk 2) Sub up port back/front 3) Sub forward sealed off and port side/back
  2. Hey guys, Im looking for your opinions on my next build. I plan on doing either two 12s at around 1500 rms with subs and port firing into the cabin sealed off from the trunk or a 4th order (3:1)at around 500 rms with a single 12 and port firing into the cabin. -Ported just over 3 ft3 around 35 htz -4th order around 5 ft3 around 50 htz Car- 2010 Civic Coupe Looking for something that really hits the lows and gets loud. Thanks, look forward to seeing some of your ideas.
  3. I want to try out a different box and I would like some help with a design, last time I payed for a design and I really don't see the need to spend that kind of money! I have 2 Rockford Hx2 12's that have 1000 watt recones so I'll be running 2000 RMS in my Jeep Cherokee. All I listen to is decaf music and I love the lows so I want to get a box that can play as far below 30hz as I can get. My current box plays from 30hz to about 70hz so I want to try to get lower this time, hopefully not sacrificing too much of my high end. So any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  4. I want have a soundstream xxx 18, but having some issues i need some help i wanna get the most out of it, so far i have a max of 7.5cuft in a trunk im building the box in the trunk with aero ports for less displacements and have a crescendo BC 5500. I want you help me get the maximize my subs potential do you think i can get 150 + out of it if so some options on how im open to suggestions.
  5. Here is the dilemma I don't know a whole lot about what Im doing. I currently have a single 10" Kicker Comp. It does decent but i like my bass and i want to upgrade. Im getting 2 Rockford Fosgate P2's plus an amp to push them. In a basic box most of the room in the back seat area of my extended cab Chevy Colorado would be taken up, so I wanna build a bigger box and take the whole area up. My concern is the box will be to big. I have checked the specs and the box design i have drawn up has about 4.06 cubic feet while 2 P2's maxed out only need 2.8 cubic feet. Would this be a wise decision? My next though is to go ahead and put 3 subs in the box which would bring my total needed space up to 4.2 cubic feet. But im getting a extremely good deal on just 2 subs from a very respectable friend and don't want to fork out the rear end for another. Please help me out here. Thanks DJ.
  6. So I have 2 Kicker compvr 12's and was wondering how do you figure out what is the best shape and size of the box. I do want the box to be ported. My car is an 06 Pontiac g6 GT coupe. Don't have trunk measurements and couldn't find them so will have to measure it tomorrow unless someone can find it. Anyways what I want from this box is simply more SPL. To be honest I have no clue what people are talking about when they talk about the tuning of ports or what it's even for. Anyways if anyone can provide some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. What's up guys? I bought a 99 ford f-350 powerstroke long bed dually over the weekend and I am ready to get my install going. I have never built a 4th order before so any help is appreciated. The equipment will be (6) obsidian audio 18's running on a crecendo 3500 for now. The subs will be in the bed of the truck with the port in the back window. Basically like John Hone's truck build. What I am planning now is having the subs firing up. Would there be any issues with this as opposed to firing forward? Also, What ratio would you recommend since I have all the airspace I need. With the tuning, I was thinking around 48 hz but I really want to be able to hit the low lows so I'm not sure what would be ideal. One last question, with the 4th orders, what is the ideal port area per sq ft? would 16 in be fine? Like I said, any help is appreciated as this is my first bandpass. And I will for sure post build logs! Edit: Forgot to mention, There will be a camper shell that is sealed of course.
  8. Hey I'm new to this site but I'm in need of some help. I recently got my hands on a Soundstream xxx 18 its my favorite sub idk y. Anyway i have built boxes before and was very successful at everyone but this is the first time i had a sub like this and I've been hearing all type things like build a small box, build a big box, sell the sub it and get something else, anyway long story short I'm not getting rid of it, I live in The Bahamas and we don't have the pleasure of just picking up competition sub woofers anywhere. Here's the thing i want to do a sealed off trunk build this sub is gonna go along with a crescendo BC 5500 with full electrical to back it I'm saving for it now. I'm a family man so i cant do a wall thing I have a 2004 Honda Accord I'm very good at building I'm a carpenter. I'd like a box that i can put in and take out my trunk but i know sometimes that plays a factor in size so if i have to build a box in my trunk i will. I just need some imput, suggestions, options, anything really.....also i'd like a 32hz tune to hit some real lows I also have a Audio control epicenter i just got a 25hz chip for it......and how does subs sound facing the cabin i never done it before plz help me I'm willing and open and ready to start
  9. I got a fi sp4 18 and i was hoping for some box design help, The space i have to work with is 20(w)x31(h)x60(l). I would like to do a 6th order because i would like to get the most out of the sp4.
  10. I'm looking at building my first 4th order for a sundown zv4 rev2 15"d2. I have experience building custom boxes but have never built a bandpass. I'm not sure on what ratio to go with. I like lows but would really like something musical. It's going in a extended cab f150 powered by a shark [email protected] Could someone tell me how many cubes for the sealed and ported side and how many sqin my port should be and what's the best to tune it at? Any info is greatly appreciated!
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