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    i am a collector of car audio amplifiers.....i own more than sixty old school amplifiers.....
  1. good job....when funds are available i would upgrade the batteries for sure....
  2. dumb girl- run dmc brass monkey- beastie boys aint no future in yo frontin- mc breed money and the power- scarface
  3. sorry about the divorce....but i will say that there is something in the human nature that propels us to watch a car crash....i will be watching !
  4. i always wear hearing,eye protection and respiration protection when working with mdf and or wood.....when you are younger you think that nothing can phase you....like a sense of invincibility.....
  5. nice subs....i really like dc audio....and their customer service is very good....enjoy them
  6. i cant wait to see the final verdict on these amps.....seems like alot of people are looking into getting these....my cousin is going to pick one of these up because they are so cheap....we will see...
  7. my suggestion....keep moving dont sit down.....at least it works for me.....cant wait to see the finished product
  8. i agree that is a attractive sticker.....i dont even like stickers....but i like this one....
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