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  1. I am guessing none of you on this site are going to be affected by this dude. Its just good gossip. But the bottom line is... You cant trust anybody when you are doing dirt. Things are the way they used to be.
  2. So somebody got thrown under the bus, probably somebody everyone likes too!
  3. I feel like this is a game of clue. professor Plum in the library with the candle stick.
  4. I wonder if they are im here watching this post afraid someone is going to name drop! I am eating popcorn waiting for the bombshell, this like an episode of, to catch a predator
  5. I love think this car is really original. I love it all. I wish I could hear it.
  6. Looking at the terminals I say the gravity does rated, I think the phoenix gold will come very close. I will say 1687 gravity I hope I did that right
  7. Looking at the terminals I say the gravity does rated, I think the phoenix gold will come very close. I will say 1687 gravity I hope I did that right
  8. lol, two sony towers with dual 10" in each cabinet. one of the subs turned out to be a passive radiator and the box was ported. Sounded good playing boys in the hood. 180 watt Sherwood amp powering them. the year was 1993, the car a turbo'd subaru
  9. 3 alpine 15" subwoofers from 1993 running off a soundstream reference 500. it was all in an extended cab toyota truck. 2 15" firing up and one firing forward. Truck was loud and clear. the year was 1993. Hooked after that!
  10. if the cresendo mids are the pro drivers they wont fit the opening of the adaper plate. they are over sized. you may have to ream the hole a bit bigger. If you have stamped frame 6" drivers they should fit. order and find out or look to see if you can find the mounting measurements. yea playa!
  11. For the love of god, dont use a hammer to bend it. Take a cresent wrench tighten it down on the flap and use that. it will work way easier and not stress the solder joints with the all the banging.
  12. bracing roof as we speak. 155@30 hertz. that's the goal.

    1. Kyblack76


      good luck man.....

  13. Im saying for the record, that terminology is not in my vernacular. Ive never asked for a sponsor or ever will. Ive been building my own systems since 93'. Im not saying I wont take accomadations, wink, wink,. Im not the type to throw out that verbiage. Its kind of shitty. Its possible something was taken out of context. Also next time you see me, say hello. I give out demo's all day except right before game time.
  14. He was on the meter that's why he did But he didn't even give out demos when people asked him all he would say is sponsor me Yes I was their I wouldnt give out demos??? all I kept saying is sponsor me? Thats the dumbest shit Ive heard. First off I dont need a sponsor, second the only time demos got cut off was an hour before my spl runs, to charge batteries. I dont go to comps to be Mr Hide my shit from the world, there isnt anything that hasnt been seen or done before. when the subs get rebuilt with aluminum parts (in the works) I'll gladly give anyone a demo! Minus the sparks.
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