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  1. Member since March 2009 and I am from Alaska wouldn't be able to tell from my post count that I have been here that long. I am a professional lurker.
  2. I am going to assume it was the gravel on the road that made you dump your bike? I almost did that yesterday on my new bike, might wait a little longer until they sweep all this gravel off the roads. Fucking stupid alaska winters.
  3. no need to call 911 right away... idiots.. the train could have stopped instead of horning...i dont know..at least slow the fuck down...he was like racing that trainALSO hate people who do not call for help right away...but they just stay there and argue about that.. It depends on how fast and how many cars they have, a fully loaded train coal or freight is about 1.5 miles long going around 55 mph would take longer then a mile to stop. I know this because I have work for the railroad for over 4 year, you understand how insane a train is when you stand less then 3 feet away from one fully loaded going 65 mph+ it has so much momentum it's mind blowing. Train crews also avoid going into emergency stops because when they do it locks up all the axles and causes rail burn which cause crews to replace the rail and when a train is over 1 mile Iong that's a lot of rail and costs a shit ton of labor and money to replace the rail.
  4. What if you just said a peice of wood? Wouldn't that be a stick and a branch.
  5. I've got a good one, try not to google it. It's a tricky one. If you get 1 penny the 1st day, 2 pennies the 2nd day, 4 pennies the 3rd day and so on. If you keep doubling the amount of pennies you get every day, how much money would you have by the end of the month?
  6. I get this shit all the time, being 21 with a nice truck, toys and your own house people always assume it's my parents that bought it for me. Kind of annoying.
  7. Ohhhh snap pullin the Alaskan card. But he is right, I went to Austin Texas and oh my god I have never seen so many hot chicks on a Tuesday afternoon.
  8. Your first mod is going to be a boondocker turbo right. Go big or go home.
  9. She actually said half a mile, so it would be slower then 22 haha. If she was going 57 and it was only half a mile it would take about 30-45 seconds to get to her turn. Either way story doesn't add up.
  10. Run my 5k @.5 daily, three group 31s with a DC power xp 270. Never seen below 13 full tilt.
  11. That is awesome, would of been cool if they had that 20 years ago when I burnt my hand. But having the scar for so long I forget I even have huge scar doesn't really bother me.
  12. You will be happy you didn't get a 6.0l in the long run. I wallet doesn't like my tbss I get 9mpg in town
  13. Called a spreder, we have one at my work. Doesn't go that fast though haha.
  14. Not to one up...but this was my last paycheck... Doesn't alaska have no state income or state-wide sales tax though? Here the state income is cumulative depending on bracket position, and we have our lovely 9.00% sales tax. We have a sales tax in every town but anchorage it's weird. 3% if I am not mistaken.
  15. Don't get too excited Kasey, now you know you have a real beast of an ampHaha yeah now I just need my other one, then man up and recone to 18s. And by man up I mean save my money haha.
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