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  1. OG lv5 with a recone the solid pole DC motors ( the xl and lv5) were the spl versions
  2. I recently made a couple purchases threw your website. everything showed up on time, undamaged ( kinda) no complaints there.. now,, when i purchased the deck it was sold with a harness ( like a package deal ), that is suposed to let the steering wheel controls work......... 1 of 4 subs, the little rubber stoppers that are put in the screw holes, one came out and got under the dustcap.. shook it for 10-15 and it didnt come out. called them saturday, told them about the issues i had and was suposed to get a call back money to get things straightend out, well/..... no call back, buttttt they shipped a sub to my buddys house in the US ( where it originally shipped, even tho i told them i would like it shipped to my house instead of a friends, to save me a 1.5hr trip and border crossing) never got a call back from them like they said... buttttt they sent a sub without me calling, to the wrong adress, andddd i ended up getting the piece out on sunday, soooo no sub needed. ( had they called back, no sub would have been sent.) now the harness. i got the http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_75022_Scosche-GMSR11.html ( this one controls the chime ONLY) harness with the deck. it says in the first line that it work with steering wheel controls, perfect!!!! not. they made a typo and admited to it, said i also need this http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_68038_Axxess-ASWC-1.html ontop on what I already have purchased, to make it work properly. i hear all about the great customer service, but this experiance, sucked. I had to call you guys back because I got a notification saying i had an order, but never even place one.. may be hard to make sence of this, if so just ask for clarification on which part, typing long things like such are hard.
  3. I have a 200.4 I bought new a couple years ago, 2 of the channels won't start playing until I turn it uo to 1/2 or 3/4 volume. Some time I have to fiddle with the x1 and x10 switch to get it playing. Where can I send the amp for repair
  4. There is a reason the amp blew. Chances are there's more wrong with it also If you do want to sell it msg me a price
  5. People are saying it's the car because the alt does work, just when the engine is spinning faster. Think about it. When it's colder out, there's less stress on all of the parts from heat. So naturally they run a little smoother, idle a little lower. Same way voltage works, everybody has amazing voltage during the colder half of the year compared to summer hahaIt's just the fact that your engine, like mine, has a lower rotation per minute speed than that of other vehicles. The alt works from this rotation to deliver current. Not enough spinning, no current will be put out FYI 90% of newer engines will high idle till they are warm. And he said he can drive for a few minutes THEN the alt turns on. Unless he idles around for 5min in drive.. Cold vehicles run rough till they are warmed up.. Not sure why you think they run smooth.
  6. The car used to be over hurr in canada, about 3hrs from me and i never even seen it
  7. 95% of what i listin to is tech. Even when i demo i play his music. A good friends brother who makes music/raps had the oppertunity to open for tech before.
  8. or if you have a little gap / crack then apply glue directly into the gap and lightly sand the surface around it and on top of it, the saw dust will work its way into the gap and stick to the glue creating a natural filler. when the glue dries the filled area should be hard as a rock. Better yet, Resin and mdf dust!
  9. LOLOL wutttMy gas guzzling fire breathing f150 can only have a 250amp alt due to belt slip they said. So how he can have a 370amp on 2.4Simple. Bolt it in and wire it and giver shit.Belt wrap does alot. I run 1200A of alts On a TRUE (not a weekend "daily" driver) with no issues. Oviosly if i try to move my truck when alts are loaded down itll bearly move. An engine will spin anything to an extent.. BUTTTT will the belt hold? Thats when belt wrap and a good belt come into play. I have one alt that slips if i dont have good belt wrap. Odly enough its the stock position alt. ( N8 ill send you some pics of how to fix that..) and when it starts to slip my voltage will drop hard.
  10. Chris tooloud evans on facebook IIRC Like i said this is now the 2nd issue in a month ive seen with him. Buddy had an issue with him.. I caught chris in 2-3 lies within an hour.. And proved the amp was 100% the day before it was shipped
  11. Seen this on FB but couldnt post. Said guy got an 1100.1 from a teammate in 100% working order and that same 1100.- was protecting jn his truck.. But he would just reset it and keep playing it till he repaird it the pawned it off on someone else. He also deleted everything he had showing issues with that amp...
  12. I can almost garuntee thats not all thats wrong with it. Something caused them to blow. When they blew it put alot of stress on other componets.
  13. JOO! GFY!! i need another!! also.. just becasue thats all thats blown, doesnt mean there isnt other componets that arnt damaged/blown/stressed. the amp needs a good once over of all the componets
  14. sure was, as you said it was 100% fine to use. driving at 2000rpm it went from 15v down to 12v with 6 G31batts and 4 runs of wire off alt, amp was an AQ3500.1
  15. all pioneer HUs are like this i use volume 50 to set things up that way i have some head room for the songs that are recorded quiter
  16. I can clean a basket quicker then swapping it, having proper tools goes along way.Never did i say sundown had an issue. But why take a chance if it takes an extra 2 min to clean a basket
  17. I've noticed that most manufacturers don't take the time to do it on their subs when they build them..Makes me wonder.. Because the come from china... Thats to much work to do, my SSDs you cam see that they cleaned them, same with my btls, sp4 and other Fi/aa subs ive seen. You need a rough surface for the glue to attach too. The older alpine type Rs always had surrounds comming off the basket if for whatever reason a screw head got under the surround
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