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  1. Positive and ground wire ripped out of my SMD VM-1. What type of solder should i use to get them bsck in? Also is there an electrical putty i can use to seal them to avoid them pulling out again? I've never welded any type of board so not sure what exactly i need to do.
  2. Positive and ground wire ripped out of my SMD VM-1. What type of solder should i use to get them bsck in? Also is there an electrical putty i can use to seal them to avoid them pulling out again?

  3. 2005 honda civic. Had to dump all my audio funds i was saving because the old expedition blew up on me and workers comp isn't goinng to get me some damn gear, stupid rotary cuff . Haven't heard any bass in 3 years so with that being said I dyed my hair green for this fucking event! Because if I win, I'm getting all green errrthangg baby! And saving up to buy a DD1 just to give a return for what you homies are doing! All this car has in her is 3 cans of plasti dip Everything else is bone stock. Thank you Steve Meade, Sundown and whoemever else donated into this event. It's so dope that you're giving dope shit away for free, homies love free shit!
  4. BUMP. Put up a colored picture too. Glad your dumbass is banned hahaha. I love this tattoo tah fucking death. Seeing it in color, you wouldn't be making that comment. It may be part of a "Mexican Culture" but I look at it in a different way. In a way to appreciate what my mother and grandmother have done for me. So with that being said, to hell with you fuck boy Thanks everyone for all the comments! A larger piece is going on my right leg soon and I will for sure post it up on here!
  5. Hmmm, do you guys think I would need an aftermarket alternator if i ran 2 zv4's @ .5 on a Sundown 2k? I'll have 2 3100's

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    2. rockFord_Expedition


      A true >2k on OEM electrical? Don't do it.

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      OP What exactly does clip out the amp mean? You will be better off running one sub at 1 ohm.

    4. Stephen Dunnington

      Stephen Dunnington

      I mean as in I won't be turning the gain all the way up on my amp to were it clips...I would be using a ddm1 so.

  6. WHAT...YOU ACTUALLY GOT THE B2 AMP?! It's been forever since I've been on here, last time you were cooking with the CT Sounds shit.
  7. Anyone know of a known site that builds good under the seat boxes for trucks?(silverado) Looking to put 2 12's or 4 8's in my pick up and don't have time to build one :( The ones i've been coming across don't seem to have enough cubic feet for the requirements of the subs(Zv4's or M3 8's)

    1. Swordlordboy1234


      A custom one built is out of the question? I know you said you don't have time. But i figure there has to be a box builder out there with access to that truck to do a custom enclosure.

    2. Miguels


      youre never going to find one and if you do, good luck fitting 2 12's Zv4 under the seat

  8. My ears are already clapped out with tunes, I produce my own music and when I play my shit I like it fucking loud, what my friends consider loud is a toe tickle to me. I'm 100% content with going for the 5k, I'm very picky and never satisfied so for my own safety sake i'll wait a lil longer.
  9. pfft, keep up the maintenance and you won't have that problem. Universal bolt kits are spectacular.
  10. Understandable, I'm just trying to get a general idea. My stock electrical is far from powering 5k rms, very far. I'll be throwing a 200-270 alt, 2 d3100's in the trunk and the biggest battery up front.
  11. I'm sure doing 2 12"s ported with the right box would be much much better and less expensive if you want to take the extra time
  12. ^^^ I was gonna say I know for some of you, their isn't such thing as too much. I'm obsessed with music already, and IN LOVE with bass, if I can slightly feel it, still puts a smile on my face. So I'm just going to go with the 5k, fuck it.
  13. I'm upgrading from 2 kicker dcvr's that were being fed around 300-400 RMS. I'm looking for A lot more power, I've heard 1200RMS and I still want more. Would you guys consider lets just say A single DC XL 12" ran of a DC 3.5 A higher end daily setup? chest breaking shit? Or I was interested in 2 12" XL's ran off a 5k for daily and maybe competitons if they're ever around in the MA area. The reason why I ask, is I could get a sweet setup done in a month compared to waiting 8 months. Would be setup in a Accord, sealed off. edit: Is 5k tolerable for long rides?
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