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  1. Positive and ground wire ripped out of my SMD VM-1. What type of solder should i use to get them bsck in? Also is there an electrical putty i can use to seal them to avoid them pulling out again?

  2. Hmmm, do you guys think I would need an aftermarket alternator if i ran 2 zv4's @ .5 on a Sundown 2k? I'll have 2 3100's

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    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      OP What exactly does clip out the amp mean? You will be better off running one sub at 1 ohm.

    3. Stephen Dunnington

      Stephen Dunnington

      I mean as in I won't be turning the gain all the way up on my amp to were it clips...I would be using a ddm1 so.

  3. Anyone know of a known site that builds good under the seat boxes for trucks?(silverado) Looking to put 2 12's or 4 8's in my pick up and don't have time to build one :( The ones i've been coming across don't seem to have enough cubic feet for the requirements of the subs(Zv4's or M3 8's)

    1. Swordlordboy1234


      A custom one built is out of the question? I know you said you don't have time. But i figure there has to be a box builder out there with access to that truck to do a custom enclosure.

    2. Miguels


      youre never going to find one and if you do, good luck fitting 2 12's Zv4 under the seat

  4. I was leaning towards 2 of them as well. one for main other for trunk, if I can... I heard certain types of batterys dont mix with going in a trunk.
  5. sundown amps are powwwaaaa hungry homie. Shit pissed on yo system meng
  6. So I've been jumping all around for putting together a system, and i'll be ranging from 2500-3500 RMS. Possibly a FI.SP4 15" running of a BC3500D. Now what type of equipment will I need exactly? battery/alt/wire wise
  7. Look at the bottom of the first page BC2000D is interesting me, but I don't know what to power them off of, 2 12" Sundown X's(1250RMS Each and way more expensive) or 1 XCON(2250RMS)15". I have about 4ish cubic ft to work with.
  8. Honestly, I've done further surching and have heard SA Is hella power hungry = $ for me. I've been looking into a BC2000D w/1 15" SSA XCON built in a box that needs to fit within 32"W, 21"L, 20"H
  9. I ment to say D4's....and I could also say fuck it go with the saz-1500 with 2 15's in the trunk of my 96 accord lx
  10. I'm upgrading my kicker dcvr 12's to 2 sundown SA12D2's. They're rated at 600 rms, but I've heard SA is underrated as fuck. Should I save the extra $150 for the 1500 or would 1500 be too much? and obviously the 1200's are a perfect match but i want moaaaarr powaa.
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