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  1. I guess I could understand where he's coming from, because amplifiers put more/less power out at different frequencies because the subwoofer has different resistances at different frequencies, but I couldn't imagine that would make a big difference?
  2. I have an old Boss amp I'm not using any more. When I get my DD-1 I'll make a video of me tuning it, and it NOT breaking, and ask the viewer what the hell kind of cheap shit amp your running that breaks from tuning it with a DD-1, when I can tune this cheap shit Boss amp and it's working fine afterwards. Probably start the video with tuning my Sundown amp, than say "You know what? Sundown makes awesome amps, maybe not every amp is up to par with Sundown. Maybe I should show you tuning of a crappy amp?"
  3. He's worried about how the DD-1 doesn't account for voltage drop, when he should be worrying about how to stop the voltage from dropping in the first place... :/
  4. JL 13W7: Z. v.4 12: Yeah... No. Looking awesome Jacob, I hope to own a pair of these 15's one day!
  5. Hey Steve, the hell you doing with a measly 64GB? Fill all 128GB up foo! http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?bop=And&Submit=Property&N=100007952%20600006127&IsNodeId=1&PropertyCodeValue=523%3a193115%2c523%3a77777%2c523%3a313788%2c523%3a304574 But in all seriousness, any updates bro?
  6. Yeah, good point, he'll have to wait for the GTX 7xx series. And even then, it's a long shot.
  7. I used to have problems with my mods crashing my Bethesda games. But then I learned how to properly implement mods.
  8. I signed up here April 2009, just past my 18'th birthday, but I had been stalking the forums for a few months beforehand, so I essentially started here when I was 17. Bahahahaha, speaking of "good kids", here's my first ever thread: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/51960-first-time-getting-drunk/page__hl__bobbyg2
  9. are you serious wid tha stupid ass sugestion how the hell all that hardware supposed to fit in there You get railroad carts to haul around whatever doesn't fit! duh
  10. You're a cool dude. You wouldn't have such a huge following and successful website/forum if you weren't. Just remember the saying, "You Know You're Doing Something Right When People Hate You." You might not be a religious man, but look at Jesus. He was well loved by the people who knew him, and hated by the people who've heard of him, because they felt threatened by his good works. People are just jealous that you're such a success, so they talk shit to make them feel better about themselves. Now get back to work on that awesome computer you're building, and bring us some more photos!
  11. That case is teh gay, you should of gone with this one! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112391 But in all seriousness, everything looks awesome! I am totally jelly!
  12. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/cat_i171_speaker-adapter-brackets.html
  13. Will you design them to have close to the throw as the Z v.4s, just with a softer spider, smaller coil, and different motor?
  14. Not a good idea. Playing the same frequencies you'll get cancellation. Get two matching 6.5s.
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