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  1. Fuses don't protect your amp, they protect your wire. Which will keep your car from burning to the ground.
  2. So along with the amp having dual inputs, you're putting dual inputs on your dual inputs? Then yes, 4. Lol
  3. With the way the game looks, I'd wait another year just to make sure it's done right. Rockstar has never let me down before so I say so what. Let them take the necessary time to complete it.
  4. Damn you. Looks like most of the work is done. Where's da vids
  5. Just wanted to bump this up. I've had my batts on the ground with no charge for 2 months and they're still sitting above 13 volts. XS POWER FTW
  6. Nope it's not. They'll fix it I'm sure, but it's Christmas eve. Let's let em be with their family.
  7. 2 4" midranges LOL. I think the celica is retired.
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