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  1. Was wondering what the fuck I was looking at for a few minutes....then noticed the power wires lol
  2. call up DC audio.....(855) 775-3299. talk to rusty or ana
  3. Only time I've seen it happen was 16k to a lvl5. Shredded the surround and blew the cone out the box...landing on the steering wheel lol
  4. It will kick to float around 14.3ish. That big of a bank takes some time at 15amps
  5. What? Please explain how that works.Was in a hurry and worded it wrong...should have said subsonic filter
  6. Even if set with a dd1 you can still clip if your playing song below tuning. Say your tuned to 35hz...play a song is the 20s coils will still heat up
  7. You need the 1215 for 12 volt batteries charges to 14.3ish then floats. The 1415 is for 14v batteries charges to 16+v
  8. Team_DC Derrick? Is still around, got army shit squared away and got a real job lol
  9. I'm getting it on release but will still be on gta v and waiting on gt6. might get AC but most likely will wait for ufc4
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