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  1. Columbus area isn't bad for snow, I've lived here since 99 and can only remember a few times we had more than 6" on the ground. We have close to 200 salt/plow trucks ready to go when a storm comes through
  2. It depends. It's sort of like Jamaica or any tourist type place. If you stick to the main attractions you'll be fine. Maybe a fight or two depending on your personality. Now if you venture off in the neighborhoods that's a whole other story. The westside, you'll know you're in a rough situation just by looking at the neighborhood. The northside you can be tricked. The south/eastside, if you aint from there, don't go there, unless you got me, lol They are, but, and ahmed correct me if I'm wrong, there are areas of Chicago that cops have stopped going into its that bad. Was actually listening t
  3. Inhaling co2 I think you mean N2O.To answer the question... it's when you inhale the gas out of a whipped cream can. Think along the lines of the stuff the dentist gives you. Inhaling CO2 would be huffing carbonated drinks whippet is slightly different...they are used in industrial kitchens for making whipped cream...think of a mini co2 cartridge. most porn stores sell them but they keep under the counter. Ahhh 1 of the many things you learn in college lol
  4. Was wondering what the fuck I was looking at for a few minutes....then noticed the power wires lol
  5. I got that mark of the beast credit right now lmao...my fico is at 666but congrats on the upcoming purchase
  6. call up DC audio.....(855) 775-3299. talk to rusty or ana
  7. Hell you probably got a ticket just posting that lolYou will get a ticket sooner or later lol. I got away with it for 3 years but the cop was cool and just gave me a fix it ticket. Told him I was at a car show, took it off and blocked out rear plate so videos wouldn't show my tags, just forgot to put back on. Asked if he wanted a demo..he laughed and walked away
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