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  1. Will the 14v charger damage the pc2150's? Being an intellicharger I imagine it won't go much over 14v so I am thinking that they should be fine. Please correct me if I am wrong in my assumption.
  2. Anyone have audacity and know how to use it?

    1. kickass audio

      kickass audio

      What do you need to know about it? pm me and ill let you know

  3. Interesting lil unit. I would try to make it as physically small as possible. The proto is as big as a portable o-scope. If it fell in the "under $100" range, I would probably buy one. Anything more than that, and I would get a "cheap" o-scope (around $120). For me personally, portability and cost are the two defining factors. Keep it simple, no bling.....it is a tool. It doesn't need to be fancy when only pulled out for 15-20 mins. It just needs to do the job, and do it right. Other than that....decent concept. Hope it becomes a "must have" in an installers toolbox.
  4. Is soul searching for the amp of his needs.......

  5. 2007 Dodge Ram Diesel 5.9 Do you have any dual alt brackets? What are they worth? More importantly can the canbus system be run on a dual setup.
  6. In moving to the midsize company, you are going to have hiccups, and there are bound to be orders missed, or shipments gone a wry, but the customer needs to understand that there will soon be seperation from "chruch and state" if you will, and that will inevitable bring a superior product to the consumer. Staying in touch with the needs and wants of the consumer is great (reading and responding on forums), but direct orders will soon be a thing of the past.
  7. Also, what I am seeing here is the manufacturer dealing with the public direct. The public should be dealing with the retailers. Questions should be fielded by dealers. I believe Sundown is currently in that "inbetween" stage. Where they are not big enough to just be a manufacturer, and they are not small enough to be able to offer the 1 on 1 service like before. Many companies do fail at this point in time, because they cannot make the step into the full blown manufacturing part of things. They still have their "buddies" from when they were "retailing" out the back door. As a manufacturer, at some point you have to sever ties with the general population, and focus on current product, and future product demands.
  8. Classic....haven't seen someone do that in years. I bet some peeps will love this.
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