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  1. run a pair of d3100s under your hood, you have 2 stock battery trays under that hood, which should ft a d3100 each, and run your 2 4800s in the rear, or if possible get rid of them for 2 more d3100s
  2. if you have to ask then i wouldnt recommend it, but in a proper enclosure, on clean power.. yes it can be done
  3. you can't just "buy" them like that lol, it gets formed and glassed and filled into your dash, of course they "have one" for a jeep commander, just gotta do the work, or pay soundman to do it for you
  4. I've done a few deals with him and had no issues...couple months back but he was good to deal with
  5. Message obsidian, they were building a set number of SA18s not long ago they will more than likely build you one Email Debbie at sundown , Jacob is sick atm if you wanna get one from them But best bet is have nick at obsidian build you one
  6. I want to pre order 2 please! I have been waiting around for the X series for 2 years when the idea was brought up lol
  7. Won't even be close, prolly need about 2.5x more, prolly close to 180sq ft if not more for 100% coverage That 60sq ft should do the cargo area and hatch
  8. If its the same cord as another sundown amp it'll work but if its not it won't, seems like you have a different bass knob from a separate amp, just cause it fits doesn't mean it works as the pins are more than likely lined up different
  9. its a pretty powerful amp, havn't clampped mine but moves my zv.3 15 an aweful lot, i've seen numbers above 2k out of it clamp wise around 1 after rise
  10. A and d series are 100% same performance wise, S series is lighter, XP is designed more for secondary use on daily setups, as they won't hold up reserve good enough for burps like S or D series If your interested I'm actually selling an s3400 for 165+shipping
  11. I've got an xs power s3400 if your interested, good for 2kw as main battery and xs says 4k as second battery, I'd say 3k would be good though, has Ibar kit to allow fitment of side posts as well, 165+ ship
  12. that alt wont really help either 2 1500s or a 3500
  13. What load you gonna strap them at? if its 1 ohm better have well more than enough electrical to backup each amp seeing .5 lol
  14. how do you know your getting 2k after rise? what are you rising to? and have you clampped it? cause if this is a daily setup, its impossible to clamp any sort of musical power out of an amplifier as its constantly changing, and if your amp is the aq2200d in your sig, i can almost promise you your not seeing 2200, even 2k daily, lucky if around 1500w
  15. Well since buying a new vehicle, after thinking long and hard i've decided what woofer im gonna throw in it, just gonna have a single Z v.3 18 in there for now. now this is my first time physically working with 18s. Now, i'm not exactly sure on port area needed for this woofer, the site says 4 cubes and jacob confirmed with me that the 4 cube mark yields great results with everyone. Now the 4 cube mark is where im gonna have to work around in the vehicle, although it is a hatch im still somewhat limited (due to class-height restrictions) so far ive got about 4.04 cubes, 33hz, and 13.37" of port per cube, total of 54sq" of port, but im not sure if thats enough port area? the sub will be ran on rated...for now.
  16. Won't matter direct or from a dealer, pricing is the same as sundown respects their dealers and won't undersell them on the Internet, so prices will be te same, woofersetc, sundownonly, ssa store are all pretty good when it comes down to it
  17. Stay clear from the audiopipe, as for the mbquart you won't see rated power though, 300-400w short, and that's clipped power (from Ray's clamp results) you'll be better off with something like the mbquart 2000.1 or hifonics brz1700.1 (same amp roughly)
  18. Ray clampped about 1.2k out of one Same board as the hifonics brz1200d, same, identical board and layout
  19. I mean of course you could just spam foam everywhere, but what happens when you wanna change the box or take it out etc etc Ive seen numerous people like "Gorilla tape and cardboard" apparently that approach is not ideal.. I've seen plenty of sealed trunks, with foam, and the whole setup can be removed in and out...just has to be done right And another thing, you want the box as far back in the trunk as possible, not close to the cabin, I've seen plenty of instances where every 1-2" moved back increased score by .5-1db per
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