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  1. That XS Power logo you created is one of my favorite features of the truck. It might be a 'small detail' but it came out THAT well. I haven't posted on here in years now, but had to come in and comment on that thing.
  2. A look at things to come. Rockford DSMs going 6ch active on Daytons and Peerless. Wait for the build log.
  3. Is the bass going to knocc? Just kidding. I can't get over how clean it all is. I want to put it in a car that is also clear so that it can always be seen.
  4. Pretty much since OEMs had to switch to water-based paint (VOC reduction) there has been more orange peel. It's just the way things are now.
  5. Lusting over that damn thing. This and the first-gen Escalades are my favorite ones. They really upped it with this recent model. It's getting further and further separated from the Yukon and Tahoe with every refresh; definitely a plus. The painted wheels and tint look really good man. Do you have a 'roadmap' of what else you want to do to it?
  6. Rockford Power 1000. That lovely polished 5-channel beast. Hooked it up like once then sold it after hanging onto it for 4 or so years. I may or may not regret that sale.
  7. I find it very hard to believe that someone was dissatisfied with OEM Burmester...
  8. That IT thread is fucking hilarious. I wonder how much of it is 100% what happened. Hopefully a lot
  9. Fellow EE here, only I don't work in design, but in quality. I am thoroughly impressed by everything I've seen posted in this thread, and I know that only tells some fraction of the story. Tony, how can I contact you? I go out to Phoenix a few times a year and would love to drop by, if you guys allow that kind of thing.
  10. gonna break even (or worse) on my budget this month...looking to save for a condo but life has other plans
  11. Holy hell. Holy hell Holy f u c k i n g hell. Amazing. Nothing even close to this has been released since the 90s. $3000-3500 a piece is my guess.
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