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  1. DubNDodge

    looking for reviews SSA Evil 6.5's

    ^^^^^ I didn't care that there weren't any review on the mids when I bought them. I ordered the tweets 30 minutes within them being released. You won't be disappointed, not many other speakers compare to it sound quality/loudness/price wise. A video really won't do them justice, it's hard to judge sound quality over a phone microphone.
  2. DubNDodge

    looking for reviews SSA Evil 6.5's

    They are dope as fuck. I have a pair of the 6.5s and tweets. Absolutely love them, so much midbass. Not running sealed or anything, just have deadener all over my inner door skin. Great sound quality and well worth the money, if not more. Currently have them crossed at 60Hz and 2.5khz, which is where the tweets are crossed over at.
  3. I think my buddy did. That thing is LOUD as fuck. Those punches definitely get to you after awhile, thanks again for a demo!
  4. linked my buddy, he wants but also can't swing it right now. glws man
  5. Adding my few cents as well on lithium. When I first start my car my alt does go balls to the wall for about 15 seconds bringing the voltage up from 13.7v to 14.3v. Hell it even makes my belt slip there is such a load at the start. The cold affects lithium huge. When it's 20-40F I can drop down to 12.2-12.5 fairly easily. On a nice 70F day I'll cook my coil before i make it touch 12.8. Usually I'll only drop to 13.1 This is all with the cheap winston lithium, which I don't recommend to people who haven't done any in depth research on lithium. I recommend JY 100% for anyone just getting into it. In regards to charging, the lower SOC the battery is, the less resistance it has. As it reaches full charge the resistance increases.
  6. DubNDodge

    What is the best tuning hz?

    Ah I figured some old timers would get the joke
  7. DubNDodge

    18Sound Eighteen vs Sundown Fifteen

    Do you even bother reading the rules?
  8. I can't tell if I'm getting fucked with or not. I had the blue text/gray background then the red text/gray background. Now I'm at the black text and white background.

    1. ToNasty
    2. meade916


      trying to set default skin to what it used to be.  Go ahead and scroll to the bottom and pick from one of the themes if you don't like this one.  Yours changed when i set the default that is all.  The other ones are still there.  

  9. Jelly as fawk. wasn't there supposed to be a LED for the angry pixies to feed?
  10. well at least the search function is working lol. I was able to search and find this thread. It's gonna take me a second to adjust to the new look, but the @name shit is gonna be awesome