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  1. Got the new bulge glassed to the enclosure. So the last finesse and beautifying will probably take place over the summer when the weather is nice. Then the system will be complete until I need a change, lol!
  2. For the most part....but its so cold the resin doesn't want to cure. So I'm sitting here with a heat gun trying to assist.
  3. Fiberglassing the relief area for the motor on the sub. This will be the final structural portion of the enclosure. Ill be glassing it to the enclosure after the mold cures. Then it will be time to do all the finesse and pretty work.
  4. As promised. Not finished with the enclosure at all. I just want to get it in and playing so I can see if I want to change anything with tuning. So far first impressions are great....but time will tell.
  5. Just a thought for your under seat enclosure. I was gonna go with MTI Acoustics who can build anything for these trucks for under seat stuff. I decided to build my own the way I wanted instead. But their boxes are really well made and look great even for a basic carpeted.
  6. Small box update. Did my calculations at figured box is about 1.5 cu ft net so with sub and port displacement should be around 1.25-1.3. Went with a 12.5 x 3 round port pvc port should bring tuning around 32hz. Going to hopefully finish up the enclosure this weekend as well as mount my amp and passive crossovers to the back wall behind the rear seat. Will post pics of that progress as well.
  7. Thank you! Sounds really nice too..and definitely helped mid range power delivery.
  8. Look into Speed Engineering. Kit fit really well. They make a true dual ypipe full exhaust thats bolts right up to their long tube headers. If I didnt already have the borla stuff I wouldve gone that route. They have 2 setups for the exhaust that either dump before the axle or can go full out the back. Doesnt break the bank either. My longtubes and ypipe were 415 shipped to my door. The headers I think are 300 and axle dump is another 250 I think.
  9. Installed the headers and ypipe this morning. Took about 4 hours but definitely worth it. Idle tone is a little louder than what it was...but damn the moment you get on it...she yells at you. Definitely a fuck load louder. Now time to save for my cam and dod delete stuff. Debating on either a TSP torquer 2 or a BTR Stage 4 truck cam. Both require a stall of at least 2800...so I will prolly do that or upgrade to a mildly built 4l60 from RPM Transmissions. So enough of the future here are pics from today.
  10. Oh...I had the DOD stuff turned off along with governor and my shift points tightened up and a few other odds and ends. Truck runs pretty good. The DOD stuff was useless for me unless I was sitting at a light. Even cruise control id still be in v8 mode.
  11. Yeah its a flex fuel truck. I have a buddy of mine that will delete the o2 sensor and fix my tune once everything is on. Hopefully going to be installing everything this weekend. I thought of doing a full but I have under 200 bucks in the collector back setup and another 420ish in the headers and ypipe. Saved about 300 by not going over axle.
  12. Speed Engineering longtube headers and catless y pipe. Will be joining a custom back half that dumps right before the axle...cause I hate the look of tail pipes.
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