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  1. Thank you! Hopefully, by the end of this year, she'll have fresh paint, and slight custom additions to make her more unique.
  2. Thanks!! They say if it were easy, everyone would do it. Lol! Just minor setbacks, but I'm sure I'll get her figured out!
  3. Well time for an update!!! things haven't gone quite as planned. I had installed all my speakers and amps and noticed an issue. My D60 wasnt powering up. So I figured out that the amp was blowing its internal fuse upon powering up, thus making it unusable in the install. So I used the d100 and d200 for preliminary tuning until I decided what I was gonna do amp wise. Well after a week or two I decided that it was time to spend some money and get a new amp. I was looking at a bunch of different options from running Tru Technology to Zapco, from Linear power to Mosconi. But I wanted to keep it withing a reasonable budget and not kill my bank account. So I bought a Zapco ST5XII 5 ch. Irs 80x4 and 350x1 at 4ohm. Now comes to my recent battles. I have been dealing with a turn off pop that happens when I open the door. So i first changed my ground to a nut/bolt chassis ground, didnt help. I bought a ground loop isolator, didnt help!! So now I decided to figure out the source of the pop. So I disconnected the RCA input to the DSP and directly plugged it into the amp, now the pop has become very minimal but not just seems to be coming from the tweeters. Well when i disconnected the input to the DSP I hooked it into my mid RCA jack on the amp, so the mids were popless, but the tweeters were still having a pop, whch means the source of the pop is coming from my DSP. So now I have to figure out what is causing it. Im thinking that maybe because Im using the ground off the radio that it is the source so Im going to try and rerun my ground off the DSP to a chassis ground. If that doesnt fix it Im not sure what to do. But other than that it has been up and running, just trying to troubleshoot small issues here and there.
  4. Front baffles update!! Ready to go in, just need to install rivnuts and wire up the mids. Then it's time to set the gains on all 3 amps and hook up the base tune to get started. I've decided to run the crossovers at 80 LP, 80-3500 BP, and 3500 HP. I think that will be a good starting point.
  5. So I did some math and more math and figured out I could just barely have enough room for my sub under my seat, so today I set out to get the sub and amp rack in the truck and get it to about 85% installed. I'm still waiting on fuses for my amps and need to make the baffles for my doors. I also need to trim around the amps and the sides of the enclosure before it's 100%, but I'm close. Got clearance, I know I barely do.
  6. It's been a long time coming for me. But finally pulled the trigger. I'm gonna pair it with a Porter Cable 690, and build a 4 foot x 6 foot table saw table this will go into.I've built some cool stuff using my fixed base off my plunge rotor though with this setup. I built this for my wife with that cheapo setup. Do you have build pics? Beautiful craftsmanship Yup, I took pics start to finish!
  7. Sadly not a lot of progress this week during my vacation from work. But I did get my fabrication table 90% built, started working with some ideas and ran into issues. My sub is too deep for under the seat, so I need to figure out another route. Thinking a small sealed center console is in my future, which I know I can fit my sub there. But here are a couple pics of the fab table. During my trials I had a mishap with my router but didn't let that stop me, got stuff going, and started my amp rack layout.
  8. Besides our kids, best thing I made for her, lol!The top inlays I'm proud of. All pressure fit. 13 total pieces
  9. Yes sir, they should be just fine, and once I learn my DSP, I'm sure tuning will go smoothly, lol! I set up my Lazer and they are both top of headrest, middle of b-pillar within 1/4" inch on each side. So my cross path should be about 8 inches in front of seats dead center of truck. And with time alignment and tuning I'm hoping to have them be right smack in the middle of my dash at the window line. Also hoping for minimal to no reflection
  10. It's been a long time coming for me. But finally pulled the trigger. I'm gonna pair it with a Porter Cable 690, and build a 4 foot x 6 foot table saw table this will go into. I've built some cool stuff using my fixed base off my plunge rotor though with this setup. I built this for my wife with that cheapo setup.
  11. Part of my fabrication table showed up this past week. This should definitely help me out.
  12. Thank you!!! Mids are Silver Flutes, I'm making the baffles out of pvc board, and will have the foam baffle kit from mobile solutions. I'm going to use rivnuts for mounting into the door panel. I'm also gonna be deadening the outer shell and back side of trim panel at the same time.
  13. I ran the wires for the mids and tweeters through the factory boots and wired up the tweeters. I will be wiring up the mids when I make the mid baffles. Which will be in the next couple weeks when I build the amp rack and enclosure.
  14. you got to wet sand to at least 600 on anything painted. i sand to 400 on items getting vinyl wrapped. Hmmm I'll give that a try..it's always came out good with 320 maybe it will be better Lol, yeah I needed a decent processor, but didn't want to kill my bank account after dropping 450 on the radio and stuff, so I picked it up for 250 on ebay. Everything I paint gets sanded in 600 wet, anything I wrap gets sanded in 500, even though 320 is enough.