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  1. Methodic Menace

    C2 Audio

    Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
  2. Methodic Menace

    C2 Audio

    Anyone know of any replacement parts for the C2 Audio Threatcon D2? I have a pair and would like back up items if ever needed. Their Facebook page is down along with their website.
  3. Methodic Menace

    Tweeters Distorting!

    I damn near have my gain on my McLaren tweeters all the way down.
  4. Methodic Menace

    TDH Methodic Menace

  5. Still available to enter? HeadUnit: Kenwood DDX374BT Mids: DD Audio VO-M8 (1 pair) coming soon to new center console Mids: Cadence 6.5" Component Set - replacing soon Highs: 4 each McLaren MLT28 Mids Amp: Twisted Sounds 95.4 Subs: (2) C2 Audio 15" Sub Amp: Twisted Sounds 1.3K Batts: Stock for now Alt: STOCK Wire: SHCA Currently not tuned properly as everything was just installed or updated. Last tested 138 @ 40Hz
  6. Methodic Menace

    Ft sounds pro tweeters' 3u3 cap?

    These look VERY similar to the DS18 Pro TW110. I have them but sometimes they cut out on me for no reason.




  8. Methodic Menace

    Team Deadly Hertz

    yea, I was just messing with him. I am good friends with him and the whole TDH family. I am a supporter of them and will be with them next weekend for the Lockhart Memorial Show in VA
  9. Methodic Menace

    Team Deadly Hertz

    @Chode69 can I join?
  10. I claim spot # 77 Going in my son's Dodge Stratus. His first car. Kenwood headunit along with Rockford miss and highs right now. For now a Rockford amp on them and a kenwood amp(temporary) for this sub I'm on my phone so I can't load a picture of his car but it's an 05 Stratus SXT
  11. Methodic Menace

    port help

    Thanks for the input.
  12. Methodic Menace

    1 or 2

    No subsonic on amp
  13. Methodic Menace

    1 or 2

    Wanting to sound louder to be honest. I'm only going to get so loud with the amp. So budget in mind
  14. Methodic Menace

    1 or 2

    Current set up Rockford Fosgate P500.2 bridged 2 12" Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW12 Sealed box. Thinking about the following Rockford Fosgate P500.2 bridged 12" Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW12 Ported / Vented Box Thoughts, Suggestions? Vehicle is a 2010 Ford E350 and the subs are allllll the way in the rear of the van facing up at the moment.