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  1. Nice trick. Never thought of using solder before. I'm gonna have to try it!
  2. Well now that Apple finally came out and announced the new iPhone, I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on it. Been a fan ever since the first gen. Owned one since the 3G. My main concern with the new gen/model is the battery life. Cuz I know i do alot with mine through out the day, and I'd be out of luck if I wasn't at home or close to my truck. Especially if it died b/c mine is jailbroke and i have to run blackra1n everytime it completely dies on me. I just hope they addressed that issue with all these new features. Personally like the dual cams and the led flash. Multi-tasking is a plus. I kno I love my Multiflow from my jailbrake.
  3. WOW! Karma is a bitch. Shouldn't be laughing at somebody else's downfall. Doesn't matter if it was a donk. A donk and a truck. A rice burner and a crotch rocket. A cd deck and a stack of cds. It dont matter. The mans car wasn't just stolen. His time, his effort, dedication, MONEY! Anybody here who's been through this and put their car together either themselves or had help doing it can tell you when something like this happens its not just about the car. He did his car the way he wanted. Now he's asking for help. Stop it. Hope your fam gets something back from this situation but we all live to fight another day.
  4. Check and see if any of your voice coils went bad. happened to me about two months ago. thought it was my amp. dam near drove me crazy cuz i thought to check everything but my speakers individually. worth a shot if your goin to check things out check everything till you find what it is. troubleshooting 101
  5. LMAO!!!!! 83 Mercedes-Benz 240D. yeah a diesel. Thanx Dad.
  6. I hope my first time comes out this nice. God job man
  7. mr1mrwun


    SMH Igorance giving black ppl a bad rap. as usual
  8. I mean in general. This is really the first time i've seen an application of it. Before I just heard theories and speculations about them but seeing them in action makes me want to really look into em now!
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