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  1. So why the height? is it for stability to go farther out or something? Genuinely interested and kind ignorant on offshore rigscould be for safety reasons like huge waves that can wipe men off the rig Lol 1600ft waves its just a guess Needs to sit that high for transport. Will fill the legs with water for stability and sink wayyy down when it gets to deep water. i was waiting for somebody to have the real answer
  2. I can't believe I missed this one but I've been busy Congrats to the winners Thanks second skin for the contest
  3. You're not wearing your white person tourist clothes! WHERE IS YOUR FANNY PACK?? don't have room for the "street tool" with that shit ...LOL
  4. a guy in town had a pair M&M godfathers 15s and a Coustic 460 running to each one giant box in a open top blazer or bronco not sure back in 1991
  5. You looked like you took a good shot to the kidney, lol after drinking most of the morning and being in the sun for 7 hours at the show I definitely pass a stone after every show ... this week end was worse as back to back shows Sat and Sun thats a lot of sun and beer ... even a case and a half of water did not help
  6. Nice weekend .... got a demo and gave one to the MAN BTW I did not get the small one I gave Steve on vid .... I know ( DUMB ASS ) all and all cool weekend https://youtu.be/j1cpe0hhH5s
  7. is this the random picture post or the what fucking gas should I buy post ..... FUCK
  8. what the Fuck????? Lol sorry dude. When I was stationed in Athens that was one of the names we used to get into the private frat parties. You'd just walk up and say is so and so here. And of course they always had one. They didn't like marines at their parties. LOL its all good ...... Explains a lot of reactions i get from my active and deactivate military friends and family
  9. looks like a both a Denios .. it that you ? Ill jam you up and say " what up" next time im out
  10. way to give any Sactown rappers a bad name ... Lynch should find him and make him stop
  11. its not fair to judge a person because of tattoos... he may be very brite ..... but if you get tattoos on your face ... you are a fucking moron
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