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  1. What's up with people still posting about wanting to be heard for blocks shaking wanting to break their car and chatter teeth

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      What's up with people hating on others for something they want

  2. That machanic is great lol Sounds like that lady is a constant problem
  3. You are doing this with track playing and deck volume at 35 correct?
  4. Don't loosen shit. Poke the probe into the wire jacket
  5. Heading up to vegas

  6. The dmm won't tell you you're clipping so you'll be right back to square one
  7. Op.. Just making sure you caught this part
  8. It's a lot of work to move up to the 14v systems. From your question, you're not ready for it
  9. That's why I have a card with the address back home, if they still try charging I put gift
  10. Or you could just buy another small xs to match...
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