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  1. i had same issue with my old truck. But mine came COMPLETLY open I didn't catch it in time turned a corner and everything on my seat with was paper work for work. A few hand tools shit load of beer bottles and garbage hit the street and went everywhere . I felt presure change In the cab then it was wide open goin around the curve with all my shit being ran over by my own truck. I was pissed and impressed at the same time. People behind me ran over a few of the bottles and god only knows what eles. This was my old work truck so I had random shit every where inside ,well I did have random shit everywhere lol. I never had my slap open a door before. And for you guys who think I was drinking and driving your wrong .they were on the floor board from me drinking at home torturing the whole surrounding areas with my drunken bass sessions . Had a bad year last year to say the least .
  2. Freaking out and selling my bass amp . Not for the cash but thinking I was done with bass. What a lie lol. Atleast I got my subs still
  3. Mondays piss me off. I'm usually late and I take off early to minimize the suffering
  4. I swear those drivers don't give a shit. That's ok tho they have to order things too. I hope there packages are treated the same way. That's bullshit
  5. Getting a sick as s10 on baggs and body dropped and later realizing I'm to big for the lol fucker. Should stuck full size. Don't get me wrong I can drive it no issue but I feel like a monkey fucking a foot ball when I see a pic of me sitting in it. But my 8 year old step son looks perfect sitting in it. That's what got me thinking how rediculous I must look driving it lmao
  6. O my god! I piss my self off . I swear I'm thrown the fuck off like a football bat
  7. I live in a household with my Hispanic wife, and her mother as well, who is infirm. The MIL is from a Cuban/Puerto Rican household and I can tell you, without a doubt, being loud is a cultural thing.my lil sisters are half Mexican and dam there loud ! Lol they are from Houston an grew up there . I've noticed they talk louder in Spanish than English . I never figured it to be a cultural thing but reading this it makes sence . But there are 4 of them all a few years apart and two are twins. Scrappy ass girls to. They fight for blood for real. I seen one sister grab my other sister and Tryed to rip her arm off . Lol pulled it all away around behind her till shit started snapping and still wouldn't stop. Broke her shoulder socket and bone on her arm.
  8. Omg I drank the shit out if those back in the 90s 4 or 5 of those and your blown. I remember that they tasted better ice cold lol not cold enough that shit don't want to go down lol. And a tough hang over . That was the good ole days
  9. Having my phone start to slip out if my hand and me trying to catch it only to slam it down on the hard time floor hard as shit
  10. Lies that just continue to keep coming like a fucking lie storm with massive lie drops
  11. I guess I'm the only one who remembers chudd? Alot of you guys wasent here back when he was posting. He's not a friend I just noticed he's not here for a few years is all.
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