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  1. If I stop posting I'm dead or prison. Bass is me an my life. And I'm no criminal so prisons not likely.
  2. same man but hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone has screwed up and hurt people in there lives. Some like me more than othersif I put it all in words you would be in disbelief.
  3. Me! I piss my self off!! All the shitty decisions I've made an people I've hurt
  4. Had a migraine head buster last night so I grabbed a cold long neck lite beer layed down an held it on my big ass forehead it got hot so I sat it down next to the bed. Fell asleep woke this morning go to step out of the bed an guess what? Miller lite beer bomb goes the fuck off in my bed room!!! My big ass feet knocked it over on the te floor and kaboom!!! A foamy beer explosion!!! Get home today an my room smells like a funky bar room or something so yea I'm pissed smfh
  5. i always hold the door for lady's young an old . Now adays kids don't have respect . I was brought up with an iron fist when it came to respect. My mom would back hand the shit out of us kids if we didn't show respect.
  6. Running over a dead animal!! I fucking hate that shit! Pisses me off!!!
  7. Being stressed out an people still fucking with me! Fuck that!!! It's sucks being bipolar
  8. tjat would piss me off! I get road rage tho an shit like throws me directly in to code red.
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