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  1. Hello SMD, it's been a long while. So I recently installed Sundown x12v2d2 with deafbound aab1500 amp wired to 1ohm in my 2020 dodge charger. Stock battery replaced with D4800 and secondary D3400, 0gauge DC/SHCA wiring, 8 gauge speaker wire, RCA's connected to PACamp pro in the back of the H/U. I'm planning to ugrade the mids/hights and sub amp to 2500watt in the future but I have to get this box situatuion figured out. The sub is playng lows very well, but anything over 40hz sounds like shit. My guess is that box I build is tuned too low. I played a lot with crossovers and moving the box around but it doesnt sound any better.. I used subbox pro website to design the box and I cut it from 3/4" birch on CNC. Dimensions of the current box: 28wx14hx20.5d 2.5CF net and tuned to 32hz as recommended by Sundown. The port area is 40sq inch (3.18wx12.58"hx34.35l). I was thinking to build a small 4th order. The max dimenions of the box: 30wx14hx20.5d. Can somebody help me or refer me to the right person that could desing the box for me? Disregard the hanging speaker wires. I had had audiocontrol hooked up to the rear speakers before I install Pacamp pro.. thanks, Pat
  2. To all Breaking Bad fans.. Better Call Saul is a must see... First two season were kind of slow but third season is starting to get more and more BB characters !
  3. Nice!! I bet it rides much smoother now too !! Ive recently rebuild 13 yo suspension on my bmw and the aliment was so off I was afraid to drive it to the shop.. Jack stands had to do it for me.. Awesome work !
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