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  1. Yea i just got it back tonight at 9pm. its crazy how it all went
  2. Hey man do you have a vid of your explorer. i got a build going on as well with 2 18s in a 96-01 model
  3. So my dads boat was stolen. we keep it at a wet boat slip down at a marina at the beach. its a 20ft palm beach. decent little boat. Me and him went yesterday to go and check on it and it wasn't there. so we reported to the police department. and also my dad was smart enough to report it to the wildlife officers. Alright today he gets a phone call from a wild life officer that they found his boat 2 hours away at a dock. So we grab a trailer travel 2 hours to find our boat floating there docked to a crack house literally a crack house. they had told us people go in there at night sleep and etc. the officer ran the vin number previously before that and it was never reported stolen.. but he recognized an email from the wildlife officer that it was stolen. When we got to the boat the frame on the bow of the boat was bent. the antenna was cracked. bow and stern lights were broken off. Also nothing was in the boat. when we found it. it had 4 large gas cans, an old fishing rod, a tackle box, a tool box, and a bunch of chip wrappers and party crackers. also gatorade bottles and corona bottles and beer bottles. Also we found light bulbs and roofing nails in the front storage of the boat. So we got it back motor still runs. etc etc we are good. we are just happy we got it back in its condition. yea... your story of the day
  4. Actually i was thinking about selling my DD-1 WAY before i knew DJ.. Quit making assumptions.
  5. This ^^^ But if you really wanna find it, I think it was in a review thread for the DD1? I may be wrong though..... But I wouldn't waste my time, not much to read. Like he said, I think it was building up over time... I'm selling my DD-1 soon. I really don't like it. meh
  6. Team Nemesis DJ Met him today because he lives right down the road. To be direct.. He is by far the coolest guy i have ever met in the car audio scene hands down. Hes a great guy to talk and can pretty much talk all day about competitions and willing to do anything and everything to help you. I pulled up with a lvl 3 15... Left with a DC xl 18 in a NICE BOX and a sundown shirt. I finally got my Xl 18 up and running with the Help from him.. he didnt have a second thought to help someone out. He offered to PERSONALLY teach me how to do my door pods for free... he offered to help me build my sub box and guide me through getting loud and competing. I could go all night but the list dont stop.. He offered free meter time and all the testing i wanted. Just made a cool story thread. Hope he sees this Great guy. Not much of them no more. Hope to do more work with him and help as much as i can
  7. Yes there has been someone banned for disagreeing with someone.....
  8. I used to make 50s in Halo 3 and sell them... Halo reach is not worth a dog shit
  9. use a DDM at the battery when trying this not that volt meter than post results
  10. This is why i laugh at ALL my friends in high school that smokes cigarettes. Because in 20 years they have wasted ALOT of damn money and cant quit Thanks man this reminds never to lay a hand on cigarettes Inspiration!
  11. Build your own box that is designed properly. for subs i would get bigger everything.
  12. better amp choices look into crescendo, audioque, sundown and DC As for subs. I dont know what RE sounds like now but from what i understand. Everyone hates the way they are? (i believe) So for subs i suggest Fi, Ascendent, Sundown, Digital Designs, Skar, DC, and AQ Thats just me
  13. i was gonna ask about the bare metal as well. I guess it doesnt have to be strictly connected to the amp ground
  14. i dont know why my stupidity is causing me too hook the alligator clip to the actual amp ground wire(copper part not a good connection) Would it be alright if i did it straight to the amplifier ground bolt a foot away?
  15. Wait when i play that song on mine it plays one thump its not constant bass <_<
  16. its tuned with the DD-1 May need to re tune it for the hell of it to make sure.
  17. The gain knob doesnt detect distortion. It detects rail voltage.. Thats all the info i can provide i cant go any more in depth LOL
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