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  1. Canidae....it's about a dollar a pound, but the dogs eat less of it and it's better for them. first 3 ingredients are meat
  2. I spent $4500 on my JET with a full 80x200 downdraft table with an exacta-fence (70" long) and a digital clamp pusher....Built the saw into the wood room at Eclipse, built 3 cars and it was never used again. anything less seems like caveman shit to me. the fence was the most important part...the downdraft table kept EVERYTHING clean...ALWAYS
  3. he didn't die....he changed his name to Jobe Smith, uploaded himself to the iCloud and is now....... THE LAWNMOWER MAN
  4. oh...and she's WAY hotter than casey anthony...I was thinking of calling the Knox chick about a threesome...if she kills my wife at least I got a threesome out of it
  5. T-line enclosures typically taper from large to small at the opening. The taper, regardless of length should end 38% small that the opening.
  6. also, wiring like that will change the crossover points if you are using a passive crossover. raise the impedance, lower the crossover point, lower the impedance, raise the crossover point.
  7. I don't NOT believe in it...I'm more agnostic about it. some things are clearly unexplainable scientifically
  8. The 5000d will run at .5-ohm as long as the voltage is 15v or under. RIGHT AT 15v the amp shuts off. I tested this amp for weeks trying to find the happy point. it seems this amp LOVES low impedance, but only when voltage is at 15 or lower. this is a 1-ohm amp above 15v. it will pull MASSIVE current at .5-ohm...like 700+amps, so expect to blow fuses if you run for more than 20 seconds or so at full output. If you are burping for comps either don't fuse (I hate not fusing but you SPL guys think fuses eat dB's) or use 200A fuses paralleled on each power cable. Don't forget to feed it,either...3 batteries per amp and upgrade your alt.
  9. yeah...I still want that foot. BTW, she got hit by a car. in the head, knocked him straight stupid...then died from brain hemorrhage.
  10. most radios CANNOT kick over 4-5 amps on the remote circuit. if they did a fuse would be put inline. MOST can only provide an amp. this is why I always put remote on a relay....always.
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