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  1. Can't do inverted subs in the caddy. Trying to keep it classy. Ill be able to see them through some acrylic i'm sure though. Thanks man!!
  2. First Fire up! Cadillac Escalade Amp Rack Playing + 6 BEASTLY 12's Unboxed! You GOT to see this!
  3. All the speaker wires etc are ready to be ran to their spots once i drop this into the caddy. A LOT of the work will already be done by the time i do that and that was the plan! Of course i had to use a relay because i have so many remote wires. I also used that relay to feed the remote box below it and everything that is hooked up to the remote box. It works great! Oh the relay was attached with a drilled/taped 8x32 button head stainless fastener. Getting c
  4. Today i spent some time wiring up the remotes, the led boxes, the Audiocontrol processor and a 4 way remote control. This 4 way remote box will allow me to shut off the bass amps or the 4 channel amps if i choose to do so for some reason. They are class A AB so they will draw power and get warm just being on. So on days i don't have the system playing i can just shut them down. The remote also will control 2 different LED banks. I decided to strip these down and hard wire them...so i don't have to
  5. Nice Rack! Cadillac Escalade sound system Amp Rack build part 2 (5) Lithium Batteries, Wiring, LED's
  6. looks like a fun little project! Keep us posted on the progress!
  7. Time for some power wire. (ground too). Of course it's all about that Skyhigh Car Audio 2/0 OFC! Also got some matching black/white 8ga for the subwoofers speaker wire.
  8. these copper 1/0 to 2/0 adapters from Skyhigh Car Audio are the shit! Tomorrow i start running all the power cable. White Skyhigh 2/0 Positive and black 2/0 on the negative. It should really be something to see when i populate all the blocks.
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