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  1. So what i understand is you're trying to daisy chain headunits lol. Low level RCA out of the ebay HU into aux input of the 80prs That ebay unit apparently has a DSP(although i dont know the capability) so u shouldnt really need the 80prs. Overall thats a pretty sketchy way of doing it... I would delete the 80PRS, feed a flat EQ from the ebay HU to a dedicated inline DSP. Something like the the alpine 0850S https://www.crutchfield.com/S-3rQ9qS29x3v/p_500PXE0850/Alpine-PXE-0850S.html
  2. 8 gauge OFC will be more than sufficient. My salt 8k shipped today too ill be using 8 gauge on that Goodluck
  3. Man that bank looks sick! theres a bunch of packs local to me and im debating making the switch. Are you running a battery isolator to separate the AGM resting voltage from sucking down the Lithium?
  4. Humidity outside or moisture in the car? thats just weird lol
  5. Holy shit you have a big rear view mirror
  6. if you could seal it off completely from the trunk facing forward that would be loudest, thats good for music. It would be noticeably louder than the rear firing box only if its sealed properly.
  7. i had my single n2 at 1 ohm on an aq3500 for 3-4 months in an 8 cube box LOLZ, Im sure in a more efficient box than mine on your saz's power you would be fine. I thought it was a death sentence but it didnt even blow a coil. I would do a driver side port firing back.
  8. ive got dynomax bullet glasspacks, i like em because their the legal alternative to straight pipes. They get louder the longer you have em on. Plus theyre cheap.
  9. Buying Btl n2 motors d1 or universal gaps. Or if you have fully assembled n2's i need 15s with d1 motors. Also searching for an aq3500d.1 the new model 4.4k at 1 ohm. For mids n highs looking for crescendo 1000C4 or another mids and highs amp that does around 100 rms at 4 ohms x 4 channels. Let me know what you got
  10. Trunks lose sooo much pressure and the sound cancels itself out, i did a 46 on music with a box tuned to 32 with 4.4k on one 15 with port and subs back. Theres only so much you can do out of a trunk unless you turn the box around and seal it off, which in my case wouldnt work because i have a giant ass gastank between. Thats why i have a wall now lol.
  11. I was feeding my btl n2 4.4k for 3 months (in a 7.5 cube box LOL!) trying to blow it so i could recone it. It never blew i just ended up re-coning it because i needed d1's. Theyre straight beasts....
  12. Im pretty sure its on one of decafs zips, or big bimpins, but its possible its not. It starts off with the audio from the scene in the movie Blow "Pure coke, it melts away at about uh 185-190 degrees. Cutting agents, they melt away at uh about 100. And quality product, that's melting about 140. 130, good. 140, yes. 150! 160! Jesus, 170. 180. 187. Where did you get this stuff?" I cant find the song its in, its really bothering me lol
  13. Dj slownthrow did a version of im on one, check his shit http://dj-slow-n-throw-productions.weebly.com/music.html
  14. I should be able to make it out if i can postpone my jury duty LOL. I plan on being there
  15. Some new stuff it blends progressive trance, DNB, electro and dubstep all into one its really great, bass is on the high hz end but some songs are brutal. If you like it buy his album off beatport. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAZK9qPfBLs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2GSyQBdeEQ DO NOT POST LINKS FOR DOWNLOADS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  16. Get a bigger alt down the road, Batteries are great but you wont be able to upkeep their charge if your bumping for extended periods.
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