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  1. Can't it be both? 1. Clipping cause a speaker to become stopped at a certain distance from resting rather than a fluid in and out motion. Like somebody else mentioned, there is no movement in the moment of clipping so the voice coil doesn't benefit from moving to help cool it down. Can lead to a thermal failure. 2. Clipping from overpowering can lead to both thermal and mechanical failure. Thermal - If the power being sent to the speaker is too much for the voice coil to handle thermally, poof. There goes smoke. Mechanically - Even if the speaker can handle the heat caused by extra power, this extra power can cause the speaker to exert more than it was intended to mechanically, causing the coil to jump the gap and break. Just a guess, you seem like you want to teach and I always love learning new things ?
  2. You'd be fine just adding other batteries. Make no difference having D series and Xp batteries in your bank unless you want to get OCD about it Just to clarify the XP series as a starter battery though, I want to say I read they're just not meant for under the hood use because they are not as tolerant of heat as the D series are. The D series are built beefier and are able to be used BOTH under the hood AND in a bank. The XP series is ONLY to be used in a bank, away from the heat of the engine. I'm pretty sure you'd be fine running an XP series battery as your singular main starting battery as well, I had one XP3000 as the only battery in my Cavalier for a while a couple of years ago before I beefed up my bank and it worked just fine. The only difference being it was in the trunk, NOT under the engine. Tl;dr-D series able to be used under the hood and in the back in a bank; XP series for locations away from heat ONLY(such as trunk, interior of vehicle, NOT under the hood).
  3. Mine's signed too, bought it in 2012 it has the '12 as well. Could've just been sitting, never used? Although I don't think using it would really affect the value, you hooked it up, set gain, and take it off not really any abuse. Think the signing thing was a limited time deal, weren't they started up in 2012? Think it was just a bonus for being one of the first to buy it iirc
  4. Not sure if it's the same as normal mounting diameter, but if somebody could help me out I'd appreciate it. Just want to make sure I get the cut right and clean the first time, they'll be inverted and want to be sure surround won't be rubbing. Thanks!
  5. Bought a new (used) Suburban few weeks ago with only 237k miles on it! Pretty sure I'll be swapping out my Lvl 6 18s and 9k from the Cav into this down the road after deadener, electrical, etc. Can actually fit a proper tline for them around 2nd row seat level if I take out the third row!
  6. Damn you FL and your rain! Especially when I was on such a motivated streak to get this wall done :(

    1. poorfish88


      No rain in St. pete. te he

    2. Sergeant_Skyrim


      I'm in polk county at the moment, these clouds are looking like I'll get everything plugged in and ready then have to immediately put it away...rain rain go away!

    3. Tecomah


      Nice to see some Florida bassheads.

  7. If this is still a thing (thread is still pinned), then could I get mine changed to "Sergeant_Skyrim" please? Just to match with my PS3 and other sites I use usernames
  8. Hey...I heard you're looking to adopt a second child for that fire truck powerwheels?
  9. Had a guy I was buying an XP3000 and 2000 from locally few months back get mad at me when I set the XP3000 on the ground to grab the cash out of my pocket. He was freaking out thinking that I was going to blame him for a bad batt after I killed it by setting it on the ground or something lol
  10. Wasn't scheduled yesterday. Somebody ended up giving me $30 to take their shift, then I got another 20 to stay and close. Took 36 deliveries and made 182 on top of that 50. Happy Valentine's Day to myself!

  11. Boooo I was lied to! I can't be the only one hoping a tire was going to blow out or somebody was going to cut him off and make him flip...best chase my ass
  12. Actually got quite a few pics I took today with my real camera, not this potato. Came back to parents to pick these up and work on battery rack today. Will post a shit ton more pics tomorrow or Friday when I'm back in Tampa cuz of course I forgot my camera cord at my apartment like a derp. Pic does these bad boys no justice...
  13. Please please please tell me somebody can add the original audio into this? Would literally be the most epic thing on the internet if it had the theme music to go with it
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