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  1. Yeah i guess its all about testing its really a hit or miss i suppose
  2. I need alittle bit more light shined my way vs 2 amps at 1 ohm vs 1 amp at .5 ohms....for example if i had a 5k amp at .5 ohms would i gain alot more if i added another 5k but ran them at 1 ohm each now??..ive asked this question before some people say u will gain alot more with a second amp some people say its not worth it..has anyone ever done this ? if so what was your experince? im still kind of stuck ? thank you guys any help will be great
  3. it will be series parellel...wire each sub in series then wire it in parellel ..u will be at 1 ohm then
  4. ....big 3 cube box..12 inch zv4 ..5000d..on good voltage...nuff said here my friends lol
  5. damn I forgot this is kinds a vs thread huh lol I didnt really think about the rules ..damn
  6. I would like to get four 6.5 mids for my trailblazer to keep up with my 7k on 2 15s .. my question is which above will get the loudest and sound good doing it? ..price isnt a factor really ill save up if i have too lol ..thanks any advice will be great!
  7. honestly man thats ur best bet as far as price and quality, u might as well hardwire it and throw it some where decent
  8. http://www.amazon.com/Stinger-SVMB-Voltage-Gauge-Discontinued/dp/B001HEE8IS
  9. stinger volt meter its around 20 bucks come in blue or red bright enough to see in the day time and seems pretty accurate
  10. towards the rear ...unless you are deciding to wall it the towards the front
  11. i hate it when i try to meet new people and start a convo and all they talk about is their self .....
  12. as far as quality and price crossfire will always be in my top 5
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