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  1. i mite be interested in that amp u got their. PM Me if its still for sale we will talk or if u have AIM u can pm me for my SN.
  2. hey man can u still do this shit????? id like u to screw up Bone Thugs N Harmony-Down 71 for me. the whole thing. that would be fukn awesome if u could. thanks.
  3. Tech N9ne-Earthquake. Ice Cube- Smoke SOme WEed.
  4. excepting trades? if not. 240 shipped. id have the cash 100% sure by next friday. edit: btw incase i end up getting this, u wouldnt by any chance have sum spair 1/0 wire u could throw in do ya?
  5. Yung Joc-Its Goin Down (chopped and screwed) my new one tho is Too SHort-Couldnt be a better player
  6. Too Short-Couldnt Be A Better Player Tech N9Ne- T9X (the end of it is insane if u have sum 15"s, whole car moves) Bohagon-WuzUp
  7. a fiend try tradin me a tv for some rocks, Fuck That~!. lol
  8. lol i love rollin the windows down. other day i was crusin n sum old dude was shovelling holes into his yard looked like he was on acid and i crank up Late Night Tip ChoppedNScrewed and he throws the shovel down stops wut he is doing and just starts staring at me wit a look on his face like WTF?? came back around the next day bumpin he comes up to my car and is like Dude can u keep it down wen u roll through here ..why do u even want it that loud u were shakin my house. lmfao
  9. yeah ima go with rockfords. they have the best sounding subs IMO to wut ive heard so far. but idk Type X alipines sound good and ofcourse we will all reccomend Fi's. orr we might be able to work out a deal n i could get u a JL W7 12 for 300$. if ur interested in the W7 i could check on it for u today.
  10. lol. im mixing again. runnin a 15" Punch P2 and a 15" Kicker L5. sounds good. slammin. just untill i get another 15" Kicker tho and hopefuuulllyy a box plan from Ray
  11. just wut i heard. why dont they have 18"s they need some man.
  12. Wuts this i heard about RF making a sub similar (but ofcourse probably better) to the jackhammer?? idk if its true i just heard the word from a reliable source.
  13. lol dang yall hate the online audio stores. and yeah as it is stuff is fairly cheap. i just dont see how they can charge that much for a product that proly costed half that to make. every product in stores today has a rediculous price now though.
  14. yeah its crazy. i use to fill my car up for about oh idk 30$. now i goda drop about 50$. i use to buy these Liter waters from the gas station by my work it was always 99Cents. i always said keep the penny. one day i go in their and say keep the penny she says Uhm u still owe me 55Cents im like oh shittt for real..rediculous
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