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  1. Not sure about unlocking it, but you could always just download it to your computer.
  2. So I've been out of the game for a few years, but I got some goodies during black friday / cyber monday. I'm pretty familiar with what my old tahoe liked however I'm in a 08 GMC Sierra crew cab now, and I have no experience with what they like in regards to sub / port orientation. Any tips or people ya'll can link to give me some ideas would be awesome. As far as the enclosure goes, the back seat is coming out, but i'm not walling it. I walled my camaro off once and it took away the daily driver aspect for me. The subs being used are going to be 3 Fi BTL-3 15"s. Well thanks in advance for the help ladies and gents.
  3. Wow, guess I kind of missed the mark the first time around haha
  4. How much more port area would you suggest?
  5. So current box is 15.8 cubes net tuned to 31hz with 184 in^2 of port. It does ok but I think these 4 zv4 15s have a lot more to give haha. Oh and this is on 2 ampere 3800s in an 04 Tahoe. I was thinking of building another box, but wanted to get some opinions before I go buying more wood and stuff. I was thinking of possibly shrinking box just a little and increasing port area but I'm definitely not an expert and would love the opinions of some of you who are way more experienced than I.
  6. So I'll have some pics a little bit later to help show my issue because im terrible with describing stuff. So the ride is an 04 tahoe and the problem im facing this time is the liftgate hinge. I have managed to shred through 3 out of 4 of the bolt/rivot looking things that connect the liftgate and glass hatch to the truck. And on top of that I've managed to wallow out the holes on the bracket piece that is connected to the glass portion of the hatch. Now I think these are connected by an adhesive to the glass so I can't just replace that bracket. Has anyone else run into this issue? If so what did you go about to fix it/ prevent it further. P
  7. Sooooo I got the truck metered and not going to lie. I'm a little dissappointed to be honest. I mean I knew it wasn't going to do great being tuned so low and all, but I was kind of thinking it would do a little better. It averaged out about 148.x from 30hz-39hz ish and peaked at 149.9 at 34hz or 35hz I believe. Also did a 146.x at 26hz...couldn't make it get a 50 no matter what I tried. I know I'm kind of ranting here but I was so certain it would have broke a 50. So after My buddy and I fix the roof and tailgate and sound deaden them this weekend I'm going back to get metered again. I want to see 50 on the screen haha. Ok done ranting now. Look forward to more updates.
  8. Just went through the build log man and I gotta say, it looks great...I'm seriously jealous of that dash and center console. Oh and I feel your pain on the alt whine. No matter what you do it's always there haha.
  9. Well I started hearing a clunking noise from the back...thought I might have left a tool back there but didn't see anything. Still kept hearing it and it than I figured I'd try something. Went to turn on the rear wiper and nothing happened. Walked to the back of the truck and kinda bumped/tapped on the back where the wiper motor is and sure enough it either broke or came lose lol. I haven't taken it apart yet to see but there will be some pics when I do so that you'll can enjoy the breakage of stuff too haha. OHHHHHH I found out one of the shops back home has a TL so when I come back down I'm going to put the truck on the meter and see what it does. Not worried about what it does, because I have a lot of fun with it regardless but it'll be my first time on the meter since like several years ago with the system in my very first car. Any predictions on what it'll do?
  10. Lol she is quiet haha. Yeahhhhh more stuff to fix. Looked up today to see this: I pressed the back side that is covered by the headliner and I can tell it's no longer attached to anything...just flopping haha. Should be fun
  11. Been a bit, but apparently I was only running on one alt because the relay kit that came with my dual alt kit was apart of a bad batch, But DC got me the correct pretty fast once I made a quick call ....So I finally got around to installing it and voltage is much better butttttt with the better voltage the rear glass on the hatch got really really loose. So I sealed the glass portion since I don't use it anyhow but when I got that sealed, I guess the pressure had to go somewhere and something in the roof has given up haha. More stuff to fix haha. Also here is a couple vids from a couple weeks ago that I forgot to post.
  12. Thank ya, and go for it man. Umm honestly I don't really listen to anything that high so I couldn't really tell ya. my box is a little under 16 cubes after displacements tuned to about 30-32.
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