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  1. I think the sad fact here is.... I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw it.
  2. I am so sorry.... but did she find your Harry Potter avatar too? :01nocomment8so: I couldn't resist.....LOL
  3. actually, I am pretty sure some of it is very real. There was a news story here a while back about a guy trying to mug a couple and the man pulled a gun on the would be robber..... the couple called the police and turned in the wallet and cell phone, mugger was arrested. I am sure it has been embellished a good bit, but the original story happened.
  4. I dont think its deep enough for that.... I think it has a recess to account for the floor being ribbed....
  5. Damn good welds man. Your whole setup looks like something that guy Steve Meade would do....You ever heard of him? haha Looks like its all gonna come together nicely. I am another one of those guys that looks at the batteries and thinks " what would happen if a retread or some hard road trash hits one of those batteries? " Not that you would be out there trying to hit shit laying int he road, but those batteries seem kinda vulnerable hanging down there. I think I read that you were gonna sheet metal up some of it .... You gonna kind of make it sort of like a skid plate, so that if does take a hit and dents it will have room to dimple with out hitting the batteries ?
  6. I have made several posts about my system with the imprint. I wouldnt trade it for any similar type tuning system out there by any other brand. I love mine....
  7. Hell, I didnt even realize that I start a week of vacation on the 29th. I will be there. I will drop by extreme audio in savannah and let them know about it too....
  8. my 74 chevrolet truck... I must have 5 transmissions in it .... Had it in high school about 14 years ago... I kept eating transmissions , I was constantly having oil leaks from the rear main seal, the oil pan gasket....and the weather stripping that sealed up the doors refused to keep the water out.... It was a gigantic POS, it had 40 super swampers on it.... And I loved it, all 6 miles per gallon of it....until I had to drive 26 miles everyday to work....only reason I sold it.
  9. sweet.... I will do all i can to be home and bring the Fj again....I got called to work a few weeks back when you guys were in rincon. If nothing else, I at least wanna get a pic as "proof" of my score on the termlab.
  10. yeah, sorry about that Nick...dunno why they took the story down.... try this one, it has a better story and a little video... http://www.wtoc.com/Global/story.asp?S=10927543
  11. http://www.wtoc.com/Global/story.asp?S=10927543 So I am in the hotel, and I get the savannah news here in waycross... and this was one of the top stories. Evidently they were walking out on to the field , very few clouds directly overhead...They interviewed the kid standing next to the victim...He was pretty shook up, said it was loud and there was a big cloud of dust... and the boy was then laying on the ground.... They showed the pavement on the running track where the kid was hit....left a rather large crater type hole and big cracks... They said the lighting hit the kid, traveled through him and down into the pavement. He is in the hospital in critical condition at this time...... FUCK.... that had to hurt!!!!
  12. Aware of that. And considering that it has two of RF's biggest and baddest amps ever, it was kind of expected. Not trying to discredit ANYTHING about Steve or his work....But the back of that truck has 50 grand worth of product in it, I would think RF would want people to see it. It is a truly Amazing example of what can be done with a amp that big, even more so, two of them. Hell when I first saw a pic of it, I was amazed to see that it would even be able to fit in a sport utility with 8 eighteen inch subs...My first thought was that it just wasnt gonna work. You see a amp that size and you immediately think of a full size van or a truck with a cab over the bed. Yet, he squeezed two of them back there, with batteries, a charger, air compressor ( I think ,can't remember with the tank up front ) , and other things and trimmed the thing up so it looked like the escalade came out the factory with all of it in there. Besides, it really should have no problems making the cover of Truckin Magazine, P.A.S. or even DUB magazine once the exterior is freshened up. And it is a damn shame Car Audio and Electronics Magazine isn't published anymore. I am sure they were aware of the build and eagerly awaiting its completion.
  13. tireless attention to detail, and, most of all props to you for trying to keep it going while the owner is M.I.A. good work man. I hope he lets you get it all done, and get this thing into a magazine. You most certainly deserve it.
  14. I am fairly happy with my JL component sets. I have two sets ( see sig ) and running them on a sundown... And it sounds really nice. I am always happy to show it off.... and people seem impressed. But the biggest thing, especially while driving, is deadener. you simply can not put in too much. I really want to do all of my wheel wells with spectrum .... The FJ has pretty big tires on it, and I think that is about the last avenue I can go besides pulling the dash out and deadening behind it completely.
  15. thats mainly because when I get started it is very early in the morning.... so the sun picks it up nicely, but by the time I am actually done it it close too or already dark, and I just dont think to go out the next day and take pics, but I will next time for sure....
  16. I think I have what you are asking for.... before... after.... Now, these pics were not all from the same day...and as I mentioned up top, the paint on this vehicle never got too damaged, just a little more than I cared to be okay with.... The next time I pull out the gear and give it another work over ( should be sometime in the next few weeks ) I will get you some shots in the direct sunlight like you have taken... but I can tell ya, from the first time before I took the buffer to it to the condition it is in now is truly a night and day difference.
  17. Well, I would think the first thing you would need to do is either learn how to tune, using a O scope preferably, and/or look into some sort of really good sound processing setup, either the RF 360 or the Alpine imprint....or something similar... But yes, proper speaker placement, time alignment, noticeable amounts of sound deadener, good, quality component sets and of course clean and properly ran wiring and eliminating any noise in your system..... just a few of the things that should be on your list....
  18. I like the wolfgang line from www.autogeek.net and I have also used the pinnacle wax they have on there .... I did a thread on my stuff... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...showtopic=26007
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