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  1. That is a seriously tough question. I'd say for subs, Very happy with my crossfire's and the ones i've installed, For mids and highs, I'd say Hertz easily takes the cake. Pioneer for headunits, And I'm not sure for amps, honestly. Haven't experienced too much.
  2. Well I suppose it really depends on what you're running. I'd say get 2 9 sheet bulk packs and go buckwild.
  3. Fuuck man, thats shitty. I'm sorry to hear about that, but don't trip, im sure youll have no problems because they can't think their scam through.
  4. Right on ! I've ALWAYS been happy with Sonic. I'm not too worried about prices, since they are usually really close to being the cheapest, but the customer service is SO worth it. Also, I live in cali, and they're right outside of vegas or something I think, and I'm in the bay area, So I usually get it within 2-3 days. Always great CS.
  5. If I recall, those F-150s have Microsoft "sync" or something like that. Pretty much factory bluetooth. All you gotta do is pair up your ipad with it and you're set. Edit; Though I'm not meade, lol, so I don't know what HE is gonna due. But that's what can be done lol.
  6. What If I inverted them and set the phase on my amp to 180?
  7. Ah. So a small box may be my issue ? I mean would that really effect it to where It wouldn't play the lows that well ? Like, on the song Put On, the first and second bass note are loud, te second being te loudest, but the third is kinda there and the fourth really isn't there. And the way the box sits now, the port is about .. 6-8 inches from the hatch. Id rather it not be any taller, and it can't really be any wider. Don't I need a certain amount of space between the port and hatch ?
  8. The sub in the picture above is sitting next to a 36 ounce water. Bigger than an arizona can. Sorry that one is sideways. But box dimensions are 21" deep 40" wide 26" tall Port dimensions are, 13" wide 10" tall 12" deep.
  9. Sorry, pics will be up later today. My buddy has my tape measurer and doesn't get off till 7.
  10. And what should my subsonic and lpf be at?
  11. I've got mine in a jeep grand cherokee and his 15 is in a ext cab Chevy. Pics will be up asap
  12. So my buddy put an alpine type R 15 in a sealed box, and its hitting way lower than my 10^ft box tuned to 35 hz with two 18s in it, similar to the dc lvl 4's. Granted, im giving them 1k a piece but they rms at 2500, but what's the deal here ? I mean, I THOUGHT 35hz was fairly low. But that sealed box he has his subs in is giving incredible bass response. Now, I didn't build the box the 18s are in, but it looks like it has enough port area ? I'll post pictures when I get to a computer, but any idea what it would be ??
  13. My buddy bought a box from his friend, and it was a piece of shit. I have half a sheet of MDF, and wanna build him a ported box. It's going in a late 90's Chevy 2500 ext cab. If possible, port up and sub up, and if someone could provide a visual for me, that would be great. I guess max dims would be 17" deep, 18" high, and 28 wide. I guess tuning preference would be around the 34 hz range ? Someone please help me out, thank you all.
  14. JesseyMclame


    I personally think that amp would push an L7 15, if not 2, fine. The 3 or 4 hundred more watts they could take I feel wouldn't make a huge audible difference.
  15. I have a Hifonics Brutus 1600.1 wired to a half ohm, (before box rise), and four CVR 12s In a 10^ft box after displacement tuned to 35 hz. What should I set my subsonic filter, lpf and such at and why.?
  16. Yeah ! That sounds about right. But I think I only have two pre-outs on my head unit .. Sub and front ? Could I throw Both RCA's with like a splitter or something into the front, and then put my sub amp into pass through ?
  17. True that. But it says it's a 4/3/2 channel and has 3 RCA inputs so id be confused on how to hook It up. And it's got less settings then most 4 channels that I've seen.
  18. Lol wow 26 bucks .. I may as well just use the damn amp. Haha.
  19. So I installed my buddies deck and sub today and he gave me some cash along with an Alpine V-power MRP-F240, 4/3/2 channel amp. Anyone have any experience with this amp or know anything about it ? I was thinking of using it to run my 4 6.5s and my two alpine tweeters that are currently hooked up to just my head unit, which is an alpine Cde-102. Any suggestions would be cool. Amp is in perfect condition. Also, anyone know where I can get the iPod cord for my head unit ?
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