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  1. a little update for a old thread.. the boom box is back .. not going with 4 18's.. and ended up picking up a NS-1 for my sub amp. the current setup is subs up / port still to the rear and even with a shop pack of damp pro I haven't got any were near all the rattles out. working on moving the subs back to fwd firing but moving the port to the front as well. the trial and error has been a part of the fun.. some times you just gotta try it out and see what works best for your own taste.. no doubt would out put up a high number with the current setup but i'd like to clean it all up and have a more finished look / sound this go around. i'll be updating the thread with some progress pics and vids.
  2. Sonnen got shut up to no ones surprise.. I'm sure if he felt he hadn't just got beaten that he would have been running his mouth about it.
  3. if it dont sound to the liking just do it again.. can't do all design work on a forum gotta break eggs to make omelet
  4. is.. im not afraid to play around for myself.. i've heard of good results from smaller boxes with the xl m1's
  5. That is with displacement calculated.. I know its close. my design..only reason I'm chiming in.. I'm hoping he can find a way to fit a little more to be safe. I can't seam to get him to take me up on tearing into the car w/ a saws-all (car will probably be junked or given away cheap when he leaves Oki anyway). I wouldn't go against CJ18's advise though.. If anyone would know it would be him
  6. and a beanie would be legit.. this thing they consider summer in alaska is still cold to this guy..
  7. < not a fan of the dust caps... still, if they can take twice their rating as the vvx's can they are a must have.. i have never been disappointed with a skar audio product.. can't wait to do a build with these
  8. wow give him a break... I'd go off of sundown's specs as a baseline and tweek from there.. so ya workaholic still busy?
  9. I know all about "LO" I came from B-2's at Whiteman AFB... So, what brought you to Kadena?
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