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  1. I swear you announce something new every month. Flooding the car audio world with skar
  2. Def want in on this! About to sell some sneakers today hopefully i make enough for some 12's!
  3. I pm'd you bro im down to cut into it when you get back i just dont wanna try it by myself big ass task. I started on fiber-glassing some speakers for the rear fill
  4. Have fun with that if you wash out youll probably end up in my career field we have a bunch of spec op wash out Yea dont wash out i washed out of tacp 3weeks till graduation now im a crew chief shit sucks!!!!
  5. Well that's ported before displacement of the sub and stuff
  6. Would 5 cubes b enough for a 18 xl m1?
  7. im in anchorage intl airport brandon!!! sorry drew spent the last few days trying to leave.
  8. I didnt catch that until now but hmmm making me ponder!!! i just ordered amps from dc though an 18 would b dope pm me on the 18's
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